I deleted this game but it's still taking up my disk space. Help?

I wish killer instinct website also had a TECHNICAL SUPPORT page. There is no official help for people
who play this game ?

I checked every single folders, windows don’t take 50gb, program files doesn’t take 50gb, program files x86 doesn’t. So where could this 50gb be hiding ?

Normally games are installed in the directory that I want because they ask me where to install.
But strangely for killer instinct or maybe for all microsoft store products, it installs somewhere I don’t know.
I searched everywhere but I can’t find the installation folder.
I know it’s very different from normal installation.

I already deleted but it’s still taking up my disk space. maybe I have to wait few days to clear up my space like inconvenient iphone does ? I already tried restarting and turning my pc off and on.