I can't learn how to use shadow jago been at it two weeks

watched the stream 5 times watched what guides that are out there took advice in the shago forum i can’t learn this guy

i normally use maya and tj but i got color 10 and i want to be worthy with it.

like i feel like i can’t get combos going unless i juggle then i can extend it because no shadow meter recapture?

i try to use footsies into back kick but dont work

slide dive kick really are awful for starting combos thats my problem mainly with him

any advice ? i never used a character like this and im fairly new to fighting games as a everyday game

Depends on your play style. I do a more patient style while building meter.

any tips anything that i can practice in training i can’t get any of his juggles down period ? let alone decent combos but when i play shago hes all over the damn place and just shreds me

What juggles are you doing? His overhead boucne combos? Dash spin juggles?

Both i just cant seem to grasp the manuals and timing

I can’t help you with the spin juggles as I can’t do them but the ground bounce juggles I can help you. Do it from a throw. Throw+Normal+Ground bounce+Normal+Shadow uppercut.

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Ds4 windows is made by the guys who did joy 2 motion

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Do this press left or right d pad twice then mash square triangle or RB and do it with the kick buttons as well and repeat you’ll be fine dude