I can't block Sadira web setups in S3

I had absolutely no problem blocking these types of setups in S1 and S2. Now it seems almost impossible.

Look at this video. I’m holding --> to block this setup, but my character’s animation is indicating that I blocked <–

I really can’t see any way that Sadira is on the LEFT side of me when I become vulnerable.

What is happening here? Potentially a bug with the “input flip” code?

This is a bug. It has already been reported multiple times on the bug reporting thread and the devs have already confirmed to be working on a solution.
Blocking inputs become inverted on cross-up and trying to dash under the oponent will never result in a backdash on specific timing, no matter the inputs


I’ve been complaining about this also. Something is going on with the inputs.

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It’s a bug.

Yeah, competitively this game cannot be taken seriously at the moment. I don’t plan on dropping the game but i won’t be attending anything until this is resolved.

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No, the game’s not busted. Easily still playable competitive, just needs extra caution for the time being.

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Whatever helps you feel better

No it’s not people can’t prevent bugs but we all know how to exploit them so all its going to be is who can exploit the bugs more and fastee

Well, your loss not mine.

Bugs happen often, even if you bring in “real coders” (whatever that means).

This bug really sucks, though. I’m sad it hasn’t been fixed yet. It is definitely serious enough to temporarily put the game away until it’s fixed.

I asked the team about it, and they said they were going to fix “some bugs” before patch 3.5 (presumably, this one would be included in that), but they weren’t able to give a timetable for it. So the best we can do is wait, I guess.

I have wanted to start playing KI seriously again after this patch, but the bugs in it have discouraged me heavily.

I have not touched the game since 3.4 came out because every time i thought about playing i remembered the system issues and 2nd guessed myself.

I used to not understand why Pro players would leave this game, but now i get it. Things like this happen every single patch, and to be FORCED to deal with it for multiple months to make money must suck.

I cant bring myself to play the game for FUN anymore, so i cant imagine what it must be like to be “burned out” on Killer instinct and STILL have to put up with this stuff.

Things like this happens in all games every patch and get fixed asap, this is no excuse to quit.

No, things like this dont happen. “Bugs” do happen, but bugs that break the fundamentals of the game? EVERY patch? No. Give me one example of a game who’s fundamentals get broken EVERY patch.

When did SFV get a patch that forced you to block incorrectly to not get opened up?

This has been the only worst patch KI ever had. I mean If I were to rate the patches on a scale of 1/10 they would all range from a 6/10 to 10/10.

This patch is a 4/10 however. I liked IG’s track record of patches. They were pretty good as far as I’m concerned…except this patch.

Nah man. Double helix had the worst patch ever. It’s when spinal dropped.

The game has never been more busted since then.

I don’t remember that patch. What happened?

It was also the jail patch.

It put rage quitters in jail but… it also basically broke the entire online of the game too.

And people say season 1 was the best season…

I had good experiences in S1. I don’t recall ever getting a crash through online use (crashes through other means however were still present). Was smooth sailing for me in that regard.

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I hope this bug is fixed before socal regionals. It’s kind of killing the hype that everyone is going to be dodging bugs instead of just playing.