I can not play online Killer Instinct does not find player

Hi, I’m Mauro and I have a big problem with the multiplayer of KI . i can`t find other figther.
I live in Argentina and although the connections are ■■■■ but i could play a few times .
Have an answer, I opened the port connection as indicated by the official website of Microsoft , and not change anything. I just happen to fighting games , such as Mortal Kombat is unplayable, the other games are fine i can play Titanfall adn battelfiel 4 smoothly.

Since the patch I cannot find a game any more. This saddens me, it worked fine before.

It takes a very long for me to find a player on the pc version as well. Ironically, Pokken Tournament on the Wii U literally throws players at you. Waiting more than two seconds to challenge someone is unheard of on that game.