I bought Definitive eddition and I love it

Dont really care I main riptor, and mess with the
other fighters when bored.

Season 3 yes. Post S3 no.

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if you mean Kilgore, Shinsako & Eagle, they’re not part of season 3 – they’re post-season characters. unless you have other characters that are also locked… that sounds like a bug.

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So then does this not answer everybody question
"Are we getting KI4"

The only people that can answer this work at IG or Microsoft, they have not confirmed season 4 or a new game yet.

So how are the last additions “Post fighters”?
Post what?

Im confused.
I did not take my medication today.
Where are the last additions leading to?

I dont mean to be asking weird questions
But all this talk about the end of KI really
pissed me off— sorry…

Who said KI is over? There’s still content coming like colors, ultimates and whatever else they decide to add. Could be stages or new characters, all we can do is stay tuned and play KI.


The three new characters are considered post season 3 content. They are a bonus to the game if you will. I understand some people don’t like to think of them this way since they cost money, but either way they are their own special little bubble of new content, along with skins (gold, colors for omen, terror), and ultimates.

I understand a lot of talk surrounding the end of the game can be frustrating, but everyone is entitled to their opinion of what information is currently available to them. KI is not ending, we are still getting content, IG seems to be planning something at E3, the fanbase is active and supporting the game. There does seem to be a future, but who knows what it will be.

I was recently at Combo Breaker, honestly KI was the most hyped and exciting game there. There is no way Microsoft will let this die, it is too much fun.

As our favorite community manager would say…stay tuned.

When KI4 comes out where do they fall
as far as sales, sound like they will be
in limbo.

IF season 4 comes out, who knows? Only Microsoft and IG could possibly answer that question. Maybe these three characters will be their own $10-$15 bundled purchase separate from both Season 3 and (potential) Season 4, maybe they’ll end up roping them into a season 4, maybe we’ll get an entire new game. Really it’s all just speculation. We just have to wait and see what’s happening in the future.

As I understand it there will be another KI World Cup next year, I’m looking forward to all the tournaments leading up to that. The game will develop as IG and Microsoft see fit, and I (hopefully many others here as well) will be along for the ride.

We may be to biased expecting s4. Maybe we will get smaller packs, like this post s3 content

As long as the game continues getting content, I’m ok with it

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The way I see it, its play by ear.
Im ok with that. The games has lots
of content. I just dont want them forcing
you to be online, in case they do pull the plug.

And if they decide to keep making stuff for it
all the better. They been working on this for
3 years now it would not suprise me if they
took a break for a minute, they

eventually will.

This is about the tenth time this has come up. There is nothing at all confusing about the situation. The definitive edition includes all the content released up until the definitive edition. Content that comes later is not included. Done. I bought “the complete Indiana Jones trilogy” in 1998. It doesn’t include Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I’m not confused as to why, nor am I writing Steven Spielberg asking how my complete trilogy doesn’t contain the fourth movie.

There’s no “season belonging law” that says “any character released for KI must be a part of an official season of KI, and no characters or content shall be released that is not part of a season.”

This isn’t complex or confusing. People just keep claiming it is because they don’t like the simple and easy interpretation. They think they can lawyer their way to more stuff. Good luck.


Andy… I was not there for the other 9 times.
Remember everybody does not read every thread.
Thanks for your opinion though-
[I disagree]. :sunglasses:

Just wait a minute right there buster. I can put up with a lot of nonsense, but I won’t stand for anybody downgrading Karate Champ!

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POINT :grin:

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you bought the definitive edition of all three seasons. If i buy a definitive edition of a tv show on blu ray that is 3 seasons long. It doesn’t mean i’m entitled to the fourth season.

People should be able to look at the date of release and know that 2016 would not include 2017 content

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Wait, so the Star Wars box set I get today will not include the movies episode 8 and 9? I feel cheated :laughing:

Who knew that a set of something would only include the content that was available at the time. I had no idea :laughing:

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Just gotta point out that all these box set comparisons don’t work because releasing more films/seasons after the box set is a common occurrence whereas ki is currently the only game to have ever released more content after their definitive edition. If other games release more content then we can lose faith in the “definitive” editions but as it stands only ki has done it.

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