I am not happy buying S3 if i dont know the name of the last 4 characters

People , I am not happy buying S3 if i dont know the name of the last 4 characters and the exact month they are releasing. …guys what is all the secrecy about, ? why do we not know the last 4 characters, what date are the releasing exactly… am i paying for only 3 stages? are the last 4 releasing b4 EVO 2016? i cant bleief u had 8 whole months yet ur still working on the last 4 characters!
what am i paying for in season 3? i need clearly defined words from the microsoft dev team and probably the sales team. I need to be able to make an informed decision on what i am buying… where is my eyedol? is my eyedol coming ? yes or no?

I love u but i need answers to make an informed purchase

Then wait until you know. Information will come soon enough.


You keep stirring things up instead of waiting patiently for information, which is already trickling in, practically daily. There has to be some kind of suspense and hype build up, it’s marketing 101, but you just want everything on a silver platter. We didn’t know the names nor release dates of season two characters when it was coming out, only silhouettes, and that worked out fine, didn’t it?

You’re not happy buying it? Then don’t buy it. Or trust the devs who have made one of the most awesome fighting games so far. Either way, problem solved.


Capcom? What do they have to do with this?


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They never revealed the names of the characters before their trailers…why should they do it now?

BTW forget about eyedol, he’s not coming back… hopefully…


Eric, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny.


Not knowing the NAMES of unreleased characters is an incredibly paper-thin excuse not to support the game. They don’t owe you anything other than numbers until they decide it’s time to reveal information about the unknown characters. Besides, I’d be more interested to find out some of their concepts (like the silhouettes from S2) than finding out what their names are, because the names may not give any information at all.


Oh lords no, no more guest characters! XD


Wasn’t suggesting guests; just names, since all he seems to want is four names.

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I am aware, it was meant as a funny, because South Park.


You can wait.
If you wait long enough, you may even get a discount.

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This happened in S2 as well. We didn’t know the names of Kan-Ra, Omen, Aganos, and Hisako. It’s no different here.

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Well… We got those silhuettes of the S2 roster before they were revealed.
Will we get that of S3?

So this person has only made 2 posts on the forums. One that complains about only 4 characters at launch and 3 stages, and this one that complains about not knowing the other 4. You should try to find something positive to write about.


Boy oh boy! @TempusChaoti just loves these types of post.

On a serious note, there are plenty of discussions that contribute to the dislikes of Season 3, it would be healthier for the forums to continue those threads rather than creating a new thread all together. Especially when the complaint is hardly warranted and poor excuse to support KI.

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It’s funny, because people lean on the silhouettes like it was real information. Of the four new characters, Aganos and Hisako’s silhouettes were real but completely unidentifiable, and ARIA’s and Omen’s turned out to be, essentially, fakes.

*unfinished - thus the drastic change in appearance.


Man, you’re up late…

I didn’t mean to imply intent, just noting that they didn’t actually tell us anything about those two characters.

It’s only 10 my time! That’s not that late :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guess you weren’t here for Season 2. We didn’t know the name of Hisako, Aganos, Aria, Omen. If you aren’t happy with it, don’t buy it. They aren’t forcing you to buy S3 you know…

Also, pretty sure two of the names were already dropped on the forums…


Pretty sure they will release some kind of launch trailer showing us the characters and all the new stuff just like Season 2.

Cant wait to figure out all the new characters!