I am deeply puzzled as to why this game lacks costume and cosmetics so badly

Is it because they make money off seasons?

Well if so can we please stop adding characters for now and start to focus on cosmetics like what everyother fighting game does these days?

I would happily pay premium price for good stuff, just look at Chun Li amazing costumes in SF5 for example. The costumes which is really just accessories in KI is really bland as if little effort was thought up. There are good ones like steam punk Saberwulf but most are bland when compared to other games out there.

I would much more prefer costumes good quality stuff over characters.

The one thing I will say is the colors in KI is really good you can see how much work they put into colors it literally looks like a totally custom paint job for each one.

Ugh, with you dude…

Anyway, I want cosmetics and costumes too. Believe me, all of us do at this point now that the entire roster is complete. Sure some people including myself aren’t that happy with the roster of Season 3 but its hard to argue that we have a complete roster all together.

Costumes have been discussed for quite some time now, so to not see them implemented is a bit frustrating but understandable. You compare SFV and say they have this and that… but one thing you should know, KI isn’t SF and it never will be. Take that as you will, good or bad. KI is unique in its own way and stands out in so many places that SFV could not. However, they do suffer on budget so it is understandable as to why we don’t get all these items. Short staffed, not enough resources, etc.

Still, I am optimistic and would like to believe there is still a chance to see more cosmetics added to the game.

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! The REALLY important stuff, the stiff, er, STUFF that makes a fighting game really stand out from its peers, the stuff that we can really DIG INTO. Understand system mechanics? Balance? Pssshhh, that stuff is so weak. Look at SFV - half naked caricatures of women and nonsense anime dudes - that’s what’s really important, and that’s what we need more of.

I vote yes for more costumes, and only costumes and colors and accessories. Forget online training, lab improvements, balance adjustments, any possibility of new characters (because they are impossibly oppressive to us newbies) - if we want our game to succeed, we should only focus on PLAYING DRESS UP from here on out. We could even replace the tournament scene with pageants!


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It is kind of weird that a F2P game doesn’t constantly bombard us with more cosmetic DLC than you can shake a stick at. It’s also weird that what is available is so reasonably priced. I have a pretty hard time understanding why we aren’t being sold stages and costumes and colors and accessories left and right.

Not saying I’m for or against them doing this, all I’m saying is that it’s weird for a free to play game not to do this


Well, it probably has to do with the fact that KI is a budget title. Everyone wants things, but IG just doesn’t have the budget, time, resources, or whatever to do all these things.

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You were asked to stop making sensationalist threads, and this thread is unnecessary.

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