I always get errors when playing shadow survival or when challenging shadows

Hey guys,

when I play Shadow Survival I more often than not get an error that the utlratech servers can’t be connected. This happens so quick I even doubt the game is trying to reach some server. The error dialog asks me to try again and only when I say no it continues the game is if nothing happened. However, when I try to challenge a shadow from the Shadow Labs I get the same error, ALWAYS, and I can’t play the shadow.
I believe I have read of people with the same issue on reddit, but nowhere have I found a possible solution. Do note that I can play multiplayer just fine, so my connection is ok.

Any ideas?

I get that message all the time. I just press “No” and most of the time it continues on fine. Every rare moment, I may have to press “No” twice or so. But in the end, it always works. Just keep pressing “No”. It really doesn’t hinder my ability to play the mode at all.

that does work in shadow survival, but not in the shadow lab :frowning:
my own shadow also doesn’t seem to get into fights, only one in the last month

Whoops, misread your post. Yeah, I don’t really have any issue with directly challenging shadows. So I guess I don’t know what might be messing up for you.

Regarding your shadow getting into fights, unless your shadow is in the higher tiers (like 500 or 1000 SP), it’s going to be really rare that your shadow gets challenged by random players. It’s simply too hard for a random person to find your shadow, let alone choose it as a challenge. The best way you get fights for your shadows is by creating bounties. And the way you get bounties is simply by fighting other people’s shadows. Obviously you’re having problems with Challenge Shadow so that’s out the window. You can also create bounties in Shadow Survival, but you have to be playing Survival with a character you have a shadow of (otherwise there’s nothing to avenge). So unless you’re playing lots of Survival with a character you have a shadow of, if you can’t directly Challenge Shadow it’s going to be tough going to get fights for your shadow.

Oh, and you also get fights from Shadow Lords but I frankly have no idea how which shadows are selected to fight. I have one shadow (Sabrewulf) who I myself play very actively with (I train it a lot, I play lots of shadow survival, he’s a higher SP tier, etc.) and get lots of fights from Shadow Lords. I have another shadow (Orchid) who I don’t play very actively with and she barely ever gets challenges from Shadow Lords. I don’t know whether it’s your activity with the shadow or whether it’s the tier of the shadow that affects whether it gets into fights or not.

That error message has been a issue from the start. That error is as old as the shadow lab is. :disappointed: The funny is that they act like it does not exist. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I have ever seen a post saying they were looking into it in the first place.

That is very unfortunate :frowning:
I really like the idea of Shadow Lab.

I have noticed that if I keep trying sometimes I do find a shadow that I can challenge. Like one in ten