Hypespotting 5 - glasgow

Anybody on here going?.
Never been to anything like this before and considering it , if nothing else for the crack. Probably wont take part just spectate

Is that nobody then??
Any other Scottish folks on here?

I’m tempted to go, I’m from Hertfordshire myself, I have my first tournament on March 12 which is a qualifier for Hypespotting - so, after getting some tourney xp I might venture north and experience a bigger tournament

I qualified for this so I’ll be there representing!

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Awesome mate. You been to many? What is the quality of players likely to be. Thinking of taking part but don’t want ot get embarrassed :disappointed:

Hope it goes well for you mate, let me know how you get on

I’ve been to most of the UK KI events this year placing at Meltdown, November Reign, Turbo Tuesdays and at MBA Arcade club.

The quality of players is pretty good right now, the CVE dudes are godlike, both Rimz and Smash have caused me so many problems this year.

Don’t sweat losing though, honestly go for the experience and you’ll do just fine. You may well surprise yourself!

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just got wrecked on @CStyles45 stream. honestly don’t fancy my chances.
You be up for a FT5 sometime so I can gauge just how bad or good I am?

Good games man. Keep at it. It takes time to get proficient in the game for sure!

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@cstyles45 is an exceptional player so don’t be too disheartened. You get better from taking losses sometimes. I discussed it a bunch on my podcast. I’m always up for running sets and helping players level up man! Honestly, there is such a mix of abilities at UK tournaments, you’ll end up playing straight killers and some newer players on your run so I still think you’d get a lot from the experience. Don’t focus on losing, focus on having fun and meeting tonnes of new players eager to help you improve. The KI scene is pretty unique in that respect.

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Cool, ill look out for you online.
Your podcast about KI? What’s it called?

The counterbreaker podcast. It’s on iTunes and sound cloud.

Sorry just seen this thread, I am Discomilitia’s teammate and will also be attending Hypespotting, hopefully see you there :).

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Bane is a great coach btw!

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I am? Thanks dude!

If I’ve not said so before, your podcasts are very well put together, I was talking to Mike in Nottingham about it over the weekend, top notch stuff.

Thanks so much man, means a lot dude!

I might not have the frame data skills and system knowledge you have, but I sure get mind games hahaha

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@discomilitia checked out your podcast, didn’t realise you had only just started doing it, don’t know why but I thought you had been doing it for a while. Any way I enjoyed it :+1: and will certainly keep listening to it.

@MBABanemobius I am looking forward to my first visit to an event like this, hope to see you there too dude.

My problem just now is though that it is my birthday that weekend, apparently it’s a special one as well :older_man: and I am also now putting a new erp system live at work first thing Monday morning, will probably have to work some of the weekend transferring data :angry:

Damn I only just saw this, I need to spend more time in the forums lol

I’m not only a fellow player from Scotland, I also run Turbo Tuesdays in Kirkcaldy. We love KI and we run weekly offline casuals and we’ve just started a monthly tournament series called Shadow Crush Saturday!

Feel free to hit us up on Facebook and get me added, I’m Bahamut Zero 84. I play Aganos and I really need to up my game lol

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hey dude, got you on face book and Youtube already :+1: Tuesdays are just too far far for me. Like the sound of the Saturday monthly though. When is the next one?

Awesome dude thanks!we try to aim for the last Saturday of the month. This month’s one is on the 23rd :slight_smile: