Humiliation Dances

Do you think they should bring back humiliations? The fighters dancing?


No thank you. Heck no too :-1: :unamused:


Okay then.

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Could be interesting. Rash already has some moves, it would give the game that old school goofy feel lol

How about mercies? Not no mercies, but mercies?

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Humiliations, No Mercies, and Ultimate Combos. Please and Thank You.


Yes! They Should bring back all the old finishers who care’s how goofy they look.

So you want controversy to spark with orchid’s boob flash? No thanks, I’m good.

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Yes humiliations please! They need a difficult requirement tho. I only want to see them in rare circumstances, but boy do I want to see them!

please i miss them so much i love KI but Ultimates and No Mercy’s need to make a comeback really getting tried of people KI don’t need them it what made KI What it is today

This game already has a heap of Controversy in it for the stuff they wont add in if they add stuff like that it wont change anything. There will be some kind of controversy regardless of what they do or don’t do.

So they would add a boob flash but not a leotard or fix thunder retro? No, they won’t scar their own game like that.

The controversy could help the game get more publicity lol idk what the big deal is, the world has become extremely sensitive.

They most likely wont add it but I’m saying it wouldn’t change anything if they did because this game is already filled with controversy. All it would do is add it to the list of controversy the game already have.

Plus they already did give it an M rating lol, there’s strip clubs in GTA and sh*tload of kids play that lol


Then people will just have one more excuse to bury KI. And I don’t want that.

Controversy? Look at GTA V!! Probably the most successful game out there! Lol

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I really don’t think they would bury a game for adding in something that use to be in the Original game’s. If anything bringing in that stuff would make fans want to play the game more because it’s nostalgic.

Tell that to orchid’s leotard and thunder’s original costume then.

There are so many people who want them in the game. It’s the Developers who don’t want to do them encase it offense people but I guarantee most Original Killer Instinct fans from the classic game’s want them back. It’s really a Minority of K.I players or people who don’t play the game at all and only care about how specific thing’s are portrayed who take offence to it, Problem is there the one’s who make fuss about it all. It’s because of other people who isn’t even part of the community taking offence to thing’s that make it so we cant have nice thing’s.