Human ARIA will be the third character?

We know this now, as it will be completely new regarding Rukari’s remarks about what “plans” they had. Regardless, I wasn’t so much referring to Joanna as new outside of context. I just meant it as, if we “had” to have a remix of any sort that would flow with the concept of “new” it would be Joanna.

But yeah, looking back it was a pretty silly idea fabricated by all the hoopla of Joanna Dark being a popular revival request. Despite all that, I’m actually glad it’s completely new. I wouldn’t have minded Joanna, but nothing beats originality done right.

It makes total sense now, maybe aria is doing the same thing on her self like how she did with the fulgores.(if eagle got saved by glacius then how is the fulgores running? im pretty sure she copy eagles memory? idk, So she is pretty much making a shit ton of terminators again. IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE or it could be a tease for a ultimate).

so Im saying is its not aria but its some how involve with aria.
its like saying omen is the same character as jago but it is not.