Human ARIA will be the third character?

Now, I know that the devs mentioned various times that the third character will not be a remix character. But something I just found in the Archives caught my eye. I just got ARIA’s Origin V file. I’ll quote what it says

“As part of her effort to evolve into a new kind of lifeform, ARIA has created noömorphs: machines that contain the neural network of humans. Now that she has perfected this technique, she wants to reverse the process and place her own machine-brain into an organic frame or body.”

This feels really like foreshadowing, just like Kilgore got before he/it got released and how an Archives dossier mentioned a Katana Guardian before Shin Hisako was revealed. Maybe I’m overthinking, but technically a Human ARIA wouldn’t be a remix character, an organic frame couldn’t switch between the three forms like normal ARIA does, nor would she be able to throw grenades from her legs (I guess…).

Personally would love to see a Human ARIA just to see how she would look, quite possibly I’m terribly wrong and the third character is indeed a never-seen-before guy/girl or a guest character, but I’m used to devs using tricks and misdirections (looking at you Ed Boon).


Arianna could be it, she obviously need a new model. Definitely wouldn’t use the drones and shizz.

Interesting, but a remixed was defined as taking tools and assets from previous characters. This means it would be new in every regard. That said, a Human Aria would need to resemble Aria in some form to identify that she is still similar, like Hisako and Shin Hisako or Fulgore and Kilgore. Even if she only resembled her but had the exception of gameplay differences, it would be like Mira is to Maya. So in that regard, it is likely.

However, I don’t think so. I find that if they are truly going for “new” they will scrap the idea of remix by making someone original.

My guess? Joanna Dark.

I forgot that the Arianna project is built off of other fighters, she’d probably be KI’s Shang Stung.

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Joanna Dark would be amazing. If she’s the third character, would like to see the Project Dark Zero Joanna being the accessory pack.

I hope Joanna’s main look is the original Project Dark look now that I think of it. They might make the Zero Joanna the default costume.


I hope not.

Personally I have zero interest in bland “human” versions of existing non-human characters.


Eagle would be cool but I have a feeling they want him to reflect Fulgore and Thunder a tiny bit so idk if he would be considered “all original”?

Arianna would be sick too though.

I really want to see some of those original ideas from the survey come to fruition one day though like the Djinn, Wendigo, Lovecraftian etc.

human Aria would be cool

They already confirmed that the next character will not be a remix, so I find this very unlikely.
There’s a good chance they could show up later, but not this time.

As long as it’s not a guest, I’m fine.
We can get some more come next Season.

Nah. Bring Eagle. Or somebody new.

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I’m still hoping for either eagle or kelvin.

I am almost sure 3rd char will be guest.

I will agree with your sentiment, minus Joanna Dark. Then again we both have our own ideas on that.

For me,an “original” is a character made not only as part of the native KI roster, but is also not directly taken from other franchises. Since Joanna is not from KI originally, she is a guest so she’s technically not original. Same can be said for Rash, Arby and RAAM. All these characters are not part of KI’s original world, there for, they to are not original.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if this turns out to be correct as far as OP is concerned, considering so many things been hinted at like crazy.

On the other hand though it’d be cool if we had a character no body saw coming, an original KI character related to the cast in some form, but isn’t directly connected like Shin Hisako is to Hisako.

However only time, and the devs, will tell.

(Rant)Why a human aria? ( would be cool for a alt like how MK9 handle the skins for sektor and Cyrax). You have
Me’rik deem/kelvin
I just don’t want another waste of a character slot (like shinsako), I’m sorry but it wouldn’t work for me .( I have a strange feeling that it would be arianna).

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I want Joanna, I really loved Perfect Dark for N64. That and Goldeneye was amazing back in the day.

They’ve confirmed it won’t be a guest or a remix character, it will be someone original and new to the KI lore. As much as I am interested in seeing Eagle in the game I think he would borrow elements from Fulgore (as they were technically his in the first place) and so wouldn’t be the final character.

I find this concept quite interesting, I can imagine Aria having plans to actively further human evolution through genetic engineering to create supersoldiers with less of a drastic transformation than Cinder (who would be somewhat less mass marketable), and so she could therefore create herself as she sees fit, selecting only the best genes and enhancing them further so she surpasses even the normal supersoldiers she is creating. With a perfect organic base and ultratech’s advanced technologies to outfit her, she could be seriously powerful.

Gameplay wise she wouldn’t be dictated by Aria’s playstyle as she is a separate entity, and she could in fact fit the “female superspy with high tech ranged weapons” design that people seem to want when they ask for Joanna Dark. I personally think going the route of making a new character that fits into the KI lore is better than bringing in a guest in this regard and this could be a good way to explore this.

Lorewise if would be interesting to see how the two characters would develop, as there would be a lot of interesting questions. How much of Aria’s infinite knowledge could be transferred to the new body? How would the human regard the machine’s methods and intentions when viewed through the lens of mortality? Would the human enhance herself with cybernetic augmentations or would she balk at the idea once it was her own body she was modifying? How would the human mind cope with its newfound emotions, needs and other human peculiarities (having essentially being dumped in a fully adult body without childhood and adolescence to get used to everything)? I think she could be an interesting character for sure.

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IDK I have no idea how this human version of Aria will be, usually when I hear the term like “human” cinder I tend to automatically think of a “less cooler” version of Cinder. So naturally I feel the same way. Aria’s already pretty cool, why do we need a version of her that will look like average jane?

Unless of course IG has an interesign design plan laid out cause I will say this, KI does a decent job with its human cast;

Thunder, Sadira and Jago to name a few. So perhaps she won’t look bland? only one way to find out, and that’s only if it’s confirmed.

Joanna dark doesn’t count as “original” because she never existed in KI in the first place they’d be just taking a character that was never part of KI from the start, she’d fall in the “guest” category with Rash, Arby and RAAM.

If this is going to be a truly original character it will be something from KI that isn’t a remix.

My question is, who will they be?

Indeed they will be unlike anything you’ve seen before

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