How would you redesign returning characters in KI sequel? Share both gameplay and lore ideas

I don’t have a fully fleshed out idea who would main antagonist may be, but I have a vision that ARIA would get so self absorbed in her perfection, that she would develop a hatred towards humanity and raise an army of robots to eradicate humans, Terminator style. This brings many ideas for new characters involving ultratech agents, mutated humans who decided to join ARIA, and robots.


Bio: After reuniting with his sister to fight Gargos and purifying his soul from his corruption, Jago became fighting consultant and trainer for members of the Disavowed.

TJ Combo:

regaining his reputation after his heroic feats in fight against Gargos, TJ Combo joined the Disavowed. This time he embraced his powers by enhancing them with bionic implants. (Yes, I want to make TJ a cyborg.)


Omen saw Gargos fall at the hand of Earth warriors coming, and he already started to develop a backup plan in this case. Former minion of Gargos can pose a threat to be reconed with, altough it isn’t identified yet.


At the brink of getting killed by Gargos out of recklessness, the smarter part of Eyedol managed to regain control and saved his life. Death of Gargos at the hands of Earth warriors was convenient for him. He made a deal with Ultratech - in exchange for making his mind whole again, he would allow Ultratech scientists to study his powers and offer his protection.


The fragile alliance with The Disavowed in the fight against Gargos has proven great opportunity for getting public opinion’s forgiveness for all crimes and shady businessess of Ultratech that Orchid managed to expose to the world. Now, after series of reforms and strict government regulations, Ultratech had become transparent and corruption-free corporation. At least, it appears so.


After gaining self-consciousness, the meant-for-scrapyard and forgotten robot became free. With every encountered enemy or situation, he reprograms himself, constantly evolving, rebuilding itself, and eliminating errors. In time, this clunky rust bucket, uncontrolled, may pose unimaginable threat.


Orchid is aware that despite joining forces with Ultratech, that proven invaluable help in defeating Gargos, this global corporation won’t change it’s ways and still proves a great threat to the world. And she was right. Ultratech had taken full advantage of their contribution in fight against Gargos, and it’s reputation is better than ever. The Disavowed’s work is still not finished yet.

That’s all I thought up for now.

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this one is crazy, but;


  • After Gargos’ death, UltraTech decided to spite Orchid, and captured her dear younger brother. After losing Eagle, they needed another human for Fulgore units. But this time, instead of simply using their brain waves, UltraTech decided to experiment, and transformed Jago into a complete robot. Only his brain and heart remain.

(so basically instead of Shadow Jago, we now have Robo Jago)

After finding out the ‘cure’ was purely preventative and of no use to a Werewolf that fully transitioned. Surprisingly persistent Wulf figures if he could at least manage his symptoms… maybe he could salvage his sense personhood and humanity. Years of study and meditation later he managed just that, mostly. He’s prone to loosing his composure now and then, when triggered.

Visually Wulf is more dressed up with cuffed slacks, button shirt and hooded trench coat. His clothes is a little on the ratty side but not shredded. Blood color is red again.

Instinct: Wulf regains his composure, and his attacks becomes more controlled and deliberate. He’s slightly slower but does way more

The one thing I’d want for Orchid is that she would get tonfas, but still electrified like her current batons.

I like this. Personally, I would like for Sabrewulf to take inspirations from Darkest Dungeon’s Abomination and SF5’s Zeku.

Sabrewulf would get partial control over his lycantropy and could switch to werewolf at will. He would have separate moveset as a human and as a werewolf.

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I dunno, I don’t think we should ever see human Sabrewulf in battle. We could have a more human-inspired Sabrewulf, like what VergoVan what sort of hinted at, gaining his composure.

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