How would you guys feel about Season 4 making Normals the only openers

What if there was a potential season 4 but alongside the usual characters and stages, there was a huge change that made normals the only openers in the game. Obviously some special moves might have to be tweaked so that they can become more useful. How do you guys think this would change KI? Would it create a better neutral game? What moves would have to be tweaked to be made more useful cought tremor cough
One example is that if tj uses his tremor and raw recaps you, it doesn’t start a combo but instead it allows him to follow up with either a low or high but that can be blocked if predicted correctly.

My initial thought would be that it would be too big of a change.

What would happen to Cinder’s Target combos?

Wouldn’t Kan-Ra and Galcius shoot to SSS tier?

What if I’m a rush down char trying to open up my opponent who is blocking. My normals are getting blocked but then I cancel them into a special that is an overhead and it hits (Ex. Kim Wu’s forward Fierce Kick canceled into her overhead special). Will I still be able to a combo afterward?

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Considering the base of combo theory since KI conception has been special move->AD->special move->AD->special move, I think that change would not only throw the entire game’s mechanics into chaos but would also turn away a lot of casual players that have understood that to be KI’s “thing” for years.

I mean what you’re suggesting here would be akin to asking MvC games to remove launcher moves and air juggles, or for SF to give us a Ryu without his Hadoken, Shoryuken, or Tatsumakisenporkchop.


normals being the only openers will ruin the game’s pacing and flow and make it more like other fighters… and the main draw of KI to me is the fact that it’s different, but you can still apply fundamentals from other games fairly well in the engine already. i don’t think it needs more changes like this.

also, this would cause huge issues with balance – some characters have terrible normals and great specials for openers. if they can’t use those specials for openers, then they’re just going to get outpoked by characters with better normals, which creates a playing field that is too consistently uneven.


The game should be reworked to make this idea viable

Sounds like a horrible idea to me, the game is fine as it is


Should or shouldn’t be?

I mean, not really questioning your opinion either way. It’s just your answer seems to relate more to shouldn’t than should.

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Ah, it was actually secret answer C. My bad.

So we’d just go from normals straight into doubles? Sounds a little goofy. Some characters would just mash their plus on block normal in your face non-stop without any thought since on block it’s a frame trap and on hit they can confirm the doubles.

I like the idea of having all specials acting as just specials.I think poking is a bit too simple.

What? Nope I don’t see that working out to well it kinda stumps alot of things.

Season4 shouldn’t be about balance changes or gameplay adjustments aside from nessecary balance and bug fixes. It should all be about characters, stages, and if possible; more Ultimates for the rest of the cast.


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This would cause a whole can of worms that the game would need to be redesign to work.

First, does specials require a normal afterwards to be able to combo into? ex. Jago M.Windkick, cl.MP, M.Laser Sword into autodouble.

2nd, would normals be considered worse since anything afterwards would be breakable? This would ironically make the neutral game worse since specials would be a lot safer. ex. Raam MP, L.Decimation (break point), or

3rd, Does chain combos ignore this rule or is the second hit always breakble? This can cause certain characters to rise or drop dramatically due to this exploit or weakness. ex. Saberwulf, Cinder

A “better neutral” would only work if normals were balanced (Aganos’ HK vs Cinder’s HK?). Without that, you would have to change not only every normal but every special in the game to make this work. Characters would rise massively within tiers (Gargos, Aganos) or drop dramatically. (T.J, Maya) People got mad with recaptures and flip-outs since it changed the flow of the game. Changing the core mindset of how to function would be too much.

What is the problem we are trying to fix with this?

The neutral game in KI is fine. Just because it isn’t like some other game doesn’t mean it isn’t fine. If you don’t like it go play that other game.


In my opinion, Killer Instinct is the closest to perfect fighting game available. In many different areas too, from balance to character design.

Besides SFV, I don’t think I will ever stick with another fighting game as long as I have/will with KI and I only include SFV there because I know Capcom will continue to support it for another 3-5 years.

I will play KI at least 3-4 days a week minimum as long as @IronGalaxy supports it. It just doesn’t get much better for me as far as fighters go.

-SE1Z3 aka @franciscapra

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Judging from the looks of this repsone the diea doesn’t sound good at all. And to be honest I agree with them. This is idea is not good at all. It’s too drastic. If you have an issue with it, I suggest asking for pointers you cannot play this game like SF so it’s best to leave it out the door.

Nothing about this seems necessary. It doesnt even seem appealing.

Whose this for?

Makes the game more like SFV. Something I’m utterly opposed to. Jago’s normal into fireball is bad enough as is Aganos wall in to normal into pulverise. Makes the game less enjoyable.