How would you bring back a dormant MS series?

So we see how Killer Instinct has gone from the mid-90’s to it’s current incarnation. I’m just curious if there are any other MS series you’d love to see brought back and if so, how would you bring the game/series in to 2016? Would it change genres? Conventional retail release? What elements would add to the gameplay and what would you tweak about it? Any modern comparisons?

I’ll start off:

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

How I’d bring it back: A hybrid exploration / 3rd person shooter / air-born dogfighter

Comparison: 50% Uncharted, 50% Crimson Skies

Tone: Mixture of drama with light comedy elements and some Romancing the Stone style romance and characters

Release Style: Full retail

Added elements:
-Multiple skill trees for the main character lets you specialize in certain areas ala Tomb Raider

-Ability to hire different co-pilots that would affect both the plane’s performance, weapon load-out and certain story beats.

-Ability to purchase and upgrade different types of plane ammo

-Ability to purchase, upgrade and customize several different types of planes

-Ability to explore in air and find hidden side missions while flying

-Ability to take to your plane and use it for ground missions in open areas or abandon them entirely (if they’re not part of the main story)

-Battles that take place both on the ground and in the air, and you’re 100% in control of where you want to be and for how long during each skirmish. In other words, you can transition from the ground to the air, then land someplace else and keep fighting, if you so choose.

-Local and online multiplayer arena style death matches that can be customized with turrents, planes, weapon loadouts, etc.

-Entire suite of customization options let you build your own land-to-air arenas with multiple settings from serene islands to snowy bases.

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I’d like to see Voodoo Vince (new story and gameplay mechanics), Kameo (older/wiser/more mature with new story and new transformations/creatures/enemies), Viva Pinata (new environments and new pinatas), and the aforementioned Crimson Skies (what you said already) all come back. As a player of Mechwarrior Online, I wouldn’t mind seeing the MechAssault series make a comeback either - or just port over Mechwarrior Online, since it’s so awesome.

They’re not MS owned properties, but I’ve always wanted to see Eternal Champions and Primal Rage make a comeback as well. :slight_smile:

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I would Like to quantum Redshift make a return that game deserves a second chance.

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Just give the GOW engine to Rare for Jet Force Gemini, put some space insects with guns in there, boom bam done

I’d love to see MechAssault come back. I almost wonder if they put a possible hold on that idea when they had exclusivity for the first Titanfall.

Either way, the first two games were a blast. They kind of reminded me of an on foot version of EA’s Strike helicopter games. I’d love to see them return in that same format. Maybe allow for first person controls as well for the Titanfall, FPS and Mech Warrior fans out there.

Kameo should definitely return, perhaps a bit more grown up in terms of the overall artistic aesthetic though. I could see a darker version of that world being rather compelling.

It also wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they focused a little less on character bodies as puzzle conduits and a bit more in characters as fun and unique weapons.

Not saying they should disregard the puzzle aspects all together. Far from it. But finding more ways of making the bodies fun and unique from a beat em up perspective could make the Mega Man aspect more fun.

I’d also hope that they’d make acquiring the bodies a lot more fun. As the shadow battles were smallish, kinda dull and too similar to one another.

I’d also love to see Eternal Champions and Primal Rage return!

For EC, I could see them going a more serious route with the plot and really delving deeper in to the characters backgrounds and interactions with one another as they try reach their goal of preventing their own deaths. I could also see them updating some of the character concepts significantly lol. But yeah, there’s a ton of potential there.

I could also see updates to both Mace: The Dark Age and Weaponlord working well in this same regard; deeper, darker plot line with more well rounded characters plus updating character designs and gameplay. These titles have done great core elements that could become fantastic modern games if properly expanded upon.

Ya know I meant to comment on this too. That was a really underrated game. Good call there!

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