How will you watch E3?

So the first E3 show starts soon, and I was wondering how you all will watch E3? Any channels you go for that covers it?

Feel free to post links to where YOU will watch E3 live footage from!

Here’s some channels where you can go watch it, if you don’t already know:

Enjoy! ^^

Edit: Had mistaken when it started! It’ll be at 1pm PT! :stuck_out_tongue:
You can see the schedule here:


We shall see. Looking at doing it on either YouTube or Twitch. I want to avoid commentary/reactions (Sorry, TB/Max) until after the show though. I want all the reactions and feelings to be my own with zer0 possibility for influence.
So probably on the main Twitch channel or a good YouTube stream

Thanks for the list, by the way!

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The main twitch channel! I knew I forgot one. XD

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I’m watching at the moment.
For the conferences I’ll go to twitch today.

Just twitch :slight_smile:

If you missed it, see the EA press conference here:

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Its nice when E3 rolls around, means the day of the conferences the first half of our day is spent watching one of the presentations in the office with complimentary breakfast. And this time I’ll actually know someone presenting a game which is a little surreal.

Isn’t today when MS will possibly announce the next character for KI? Is it at 10:30am?

Look at the schedule in the top post.

I seen at game stop yesterday they had a list of each company and when there time slot will take place. It had MS as 10:30am. So I figured that would be when we get our KI info somewhere in that time frame.
Game stop had the event streaming on to a big TV behind the counter.

It starts in 85 minutes.


The schedule says the Microsoft showcase starts in 45 mins.

Edit: Also, I removed Max’s twitch from the list in the top post, as it so happens he doesn’t cover it there. He’s at the actual event! I misunderstood that. :stuck_out_tongue:

It starts in an hour + 4 min from now.
Easy Allies will start their 1 hour preshow before the MS-show. Which starts at 9.30 pt. (18.30 over here)

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Ah, preshows…
On the main Twitch channel the countdown says it starts in 32 mins now, didn’t consider it could be to a preshow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, looks like Max will indeed be streaming! Re-added him to the top post. XD

I’m there on the main Twitch channel. It starts NOW.

its on, X1 S is a thing.

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Tune in now, or miss out!

Raam 100% confirmed and playable THIS WEEK! :smiley:

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I’m working so its difficult to immerse myself in all the news. But, I am listening to it on one ear and watching it when I get a chance. Managed to catch the most important bits like Gears and KI so I’m good, anything else is just extra.