How to win/beat Mira?

Ok so the trailer is out and the stream is now done… How does Mira fight? What characters is she able to beat? How the heck do you beat a “bloody” vampire!?


I know sun can’t kill her because she’s… Wait, I don’t understand how she can survive?..


Hard to say right now, we don’t even have our hands on her yet.

That said, she seems to have good buttons, great mobility, scary mixups, high meterless damage when she wants it, maybe some capacity for zoning/keepaway (although the bats seem to be more about projectile rushdown than zoning)…maybe her wakeup isn’t great? I’m not sure she’s really missing much of anything, and I think that’s kinda the point – as long as you’re willing to pay for it in blood.

So I guess she might struggle against characters who can force a patient game and force her to commit a lot of blood to get anything going, or someone who can convert one mistake into enough quick damage to make her regret spending half her lifebar on antics, or, if her wakeup isn’t great, then just someone with nutty oki who can put her on her back and then vortex her to death. So iuno, maybe Aganos, Tusk, Spinal, Omen…?

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Two words: shadow counter

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From what I saw in the stream . She looks kamikaze enough to kill her self. :hushed:
Don’t even worry about her . Just workout to break her and u almost won.
Do her your priority in combo breaker.
After that she drained self her life u just gonna give a Lil clap clap lomfao hahahahhah😂

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I will be trying to bait out mist form, that should do some good. As others have stated, save meter for shadow counters and try to dodge the command grab. If you can keep her from getting her life back, she will take herself down for you.

be aware they said she has the best tools to get in if i am not mistaken, get your defense game up

She seems like a character you can beat my letting her kill herself. Effectively block most of her stuff, let her injure herself, and punish her unsafe stuff, she should go down pretty quick. Though this is just a guess based on what we have seen…though my defense is bad so I won’t be able to exploit this if its right lol

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She is no different than any other character! When you cash out green damage…its gone… the silver damage may be able to be recovered but the damage you cash out is gone so its not like she can keep refilling her health that you have taken away.

Does that make sense? You get in and you kill her with the same amount of damage and combos as any other character… actually it make take you less if she fails to recover her silver life.

What you need to watch out for his how much damage/life she can take from you!


This is certainly not a character to go into multiplayer without practicing her abilities first!

I bet even the normal AI could best me with the cheap combo breaking knowledge lol

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the more i think about it, the more i am thinking shes for the advanced level player lol. im gonna get my as$ whooped for a month easy while learning her, gonna be a long hard road out of helll


Like a game of “who can last longer”?

Killer Instinct logic?

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I guess, its really no different than your regular opponent…except she hits harder and can hurt herself. She can not grow back life that has been cashed out. So if you damage her 50% and she had 50% silver life…well she still has only 50% life if she gains it back somehow. The 50% you cashed out is gone forever. So technically beating her should be easier than a regular character.

I guess your right…its how hard is she going to hit you and how quick can you make sure you take more life than she does. Keep her from cashing out on you and its should be an easier match?

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How long before people start crying that she is OP, and certain moves need to be nerfed. I give it less than 24 hours before people cry nerf.

Why learn how to play when you can just use combo assist, and cry nerf.

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IMA hit her with a sword so hard he who frees it shall be named King.

I just don’t see how anyone can say she is OP. Yes she hits like a truck, but just about all of her specials do damage to herself, so when she is hurting you, she is also hurting herself. She has one special (and Instinct) that lets her get some of her health back if she manages to land it, and they don’t even damage you, so again, I think it balances itself out. If anything I would say she is the character at a disadvantage lol


If you can land it.

That’s worth trying.

Of course,like every other move. What I mean is Mira has lots of two-hit moves, specially the high-low unreactable move (reaper?). You can only guess, not react to that move.

That means you can’t rely in blocking, you need to shadow counter her. Once you store one stock of shadow meter, you should keep it as your defense plan.

This will condicionate the Mira player if you nail it a pair of times: “he is punishing every attemp I do to open him in that way, I have to change my plan”. This leads to more freedom for you in shadow meter use.

At least, thats how I see it. Also it depends of your char. As Aganos, I could block the first hit, absorb the second via armor, and punish, for example

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