How to use minions

Everyone keeps going for my minions

Learn to play without them. The summon them and play normally. Now you have a solid game plan that is reinforced with external help. Stay on the offense and don’t let them hit your minions.

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You have to abuse gargos’s reach. The ducking hard kick wing sweep is so much money. Sometimes when i have minion out i like to sweep their legs out from under them while they are focused on the minion. I can usually get 1 or 2 meaty sweeps on them before their brains are programmed to duck then i run in for a command grab. I also like to summon them after ending a nice combo in the corner then popping instinct followed by 1 minion summon then command grab then another minion summon. After that i ping them with portal punches and tail sweeps until their brains fry and they lose all sense of blocking due to pure rage. oh btw this will end in a very hateful message from the other player OR in the case that you lose you will i repeat WILL be quadruple ultra’d =p.

Only summon them on hard knockdowns. I even like to do portal punches into a quick ender just to get a free minion. I always summon Dretch (the fat one) first because he’s more likely to survive long enough for me to get the other minion out.

I also try to use their kill commands as much as possible. Once I have them both out, my main focus is to keep them alive with some zoning. Sometimes I pick them up and throw them to get better positioning as well, and if you hit them it will stagger so you can get a free full screen combo. Hope this helps fellow Gargos!

All the stuff that the people is telling you is really important.
If you want too make some zoning when they are out try to keep the minions in front of your enemy, they ll try to hit the minions with jabs. Punish it with your zoning.
If you want to rushdown put the minons in the back of your enemy. Anything your enemie tries will be interrupted for the minions and everything you do will become safe.

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Thanks il keep in mind