How to Understand a Bad Matchup

Hey there, community,

I’m making a video series about understanding bad matchups using the “brain” concept put forward by Laugh awhile back. I won’t post the others to this forum, but I want to post this one to see if there’s interest in more among the hardcore KI types.

This video is about studying block advantage in a bad matchup to learn whether/how you can punish in ways you haven’t thought about, yet. Hope you ladies and gents enjoy!


keep the good stuff coming. This is great even beyond KI.


Omg! May i use dominance to grab cinder during trail blaze? :scream:

Nice material btw, is there some kind of dynamic sheet online where i can compare frames choosing one char vs other?

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I think you can use dominance in a match setting. However, I’m not sure how long Cinder is in flight before he hits you. If he’s flying longer than (I think) 140 milliseconds, then reacting to it should be possible.

No dynamic sheet, yet. But, I’ll be making my working document available in case someone wants to DL it and make its functionality more intelligent.

Also thanks for the kind words!

Just ran a test. It looks like, at full range, it takes Cinder at least 360 milliseconds (22 frames) to reach your character. According to the benchmarks I’ve seen for human reaction time to visual stimuli, that’s plenty of time to react with a dominance.

The closer he gets to you before he fires it off, the less reaction time you’ll have, but the more block/sMP punish will do the trick.


Thanks, dude! Will do :slight_smile:

Thanks for the amazing video. I hope more people will watch and understand what goes into understanding if a matchup is actually bad or not.

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It’s good information. Now the hard part…getting people to listen and understand properly.

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Great video :slight_smile:

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Oooh, very nice! Feel free to share more. You’ve definitely got my attention. Quite well put together, indeed!