How to Stop Guess Breakers

What I do is just input a counter breaker in place of an auto double or linker instead of doing the linker or auto double then doing the counter breaker input. This way you won’t be late on their lockout guess and get punished for doing a counter breaker. He’s my prime example of how to do it.


This is elementary, my dear Watso… Er, Keith.

And here’s the number one reason why you don’t guess break without having information about what your opponent likes to do. Every break is a guess, but only some have a reason for that guess.

I did this a lot in ranked today. As soon as I figured out my opponent was mashing first frame breaks, I just did opener into counter-breaker. Since I was playing Thunder most of today, this meant a lot of really quick wins.

If your opponent is guess breaking super haphazardly, then yes, this is the best way to do it. No point in giving them visual cues to hang themselves on if they aren’t even really looking. Just counter break nice and early.

Against really strong players, in some situations it is beneficial to give them a small animation cue to trigger a break reflex, at which point you’ll have to try and counter break in the middle of an autodouble or linker. But usually you know when you are playing against people like this, and usually “too late” counter breakers are less of a problem because they will be looking to break near the end of a given animation, so you still have lots of time and there is an “obvious” point about halfway through the animation where you can give it a go.

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I’m of the opinion you should only counterbreak to beat opponents who are breaking on reaction/read/educated-guess and hence you’ve made a read. Unless it’s set play and you know it’s an absolutely incurable habbit- that they guess break at that time.

Per esempio:

After two first frame lockouts your opponent lost around 80% of their lifebar, at which point they may Get The Hint and not do that next time. At which point your Counter Breaker whiffs and gets punished.

That’s the issue- how much your solution to the problem is gauranteed to work is at an inverse relationship that it will encounter the tactic it seeks to counter. The more your opponent first frame breaks, the less likely they are to do so in the future (they see their lifebar drain as punishment), and the more you see them guess break, the more likely you are to throw out a Counter Breaker. That’s a Recipe To Get Hit.

The solutions already there- just randomize autos and let your opponent hang themselves.

Pretty mcuh the gist of it.

Now when someone complains about guess breaks be sure to show em

@SLHiImKeith It looked like you were guessing at :40 into the video…

There’s nothing wrong with guessing its part of the game and necessary in some win or lose situations. I thought he was gonna keep spamming the light thou.