How To Purchase Jago

I purchased Shadow Jago, but I don’t really like him that much right now.

I want to purchase Original Jago, as i’m more of an old school fighter and appreciate his dash more than Shadow Jago’s crazy teleport.

Original Jago is free right now on PC, so when I go to purchase him in the store, it acts like I already own him, and therefore takes me to his accessory page.

Do I have to wait until the free character changes to purchase him?

I think… not too sure though, but I think that I read somewhere that by purchasing Shadow Jago that I got the Original Jago as well? Maybe that could be it. Right now he still flashes as ‘Free’ in the regular character select though.

I’ll go try again and see what happens.

Shago came with Jago so you already own him.

Sweeeeeeeeet! Jago universe… :smiling_imp: