How to Prevent Force Sign-In?

I’m pretty much trying to sign-in to my other account, but when I boot up KI on PC, it signs me into my other account automatically.

Is there a way to fix this, so it’s back to normal?

Note: I flagged this, since it’s solved now.

I hope this helps, Ghoulie! - Change sign-in preferences on your Xbox console | Xbox Support

-Zenek :dizzy:

Thank you for this.
I got my account back, but sadly, everything I purchased is no longer there like Sabrewulf cosmetics and such (perhaps my e-mail change and level reset?).

Still, I’m glad I got the account back, thank you. :slight_smile:

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So, is there a way to get my cosmetics back for Sabrewulf?

I unlocked them before, but it’s all locked now sadly and a bit confused as to why.

Does it get rid of them, because I haven’t signed in for so long?

Edit: I’m guessing I’m unable to get them back or port them to my other account, so I’ll leave this be.

They should still be attached to your previous profile; may just need to redownload from the Windows store. If that doesn’t work, could likely send a help ticket of some kind - if you paid for content, then you are entitled to that content.

I think it’s less likely you’d be able to port the account goodies to another account though, as that’s a bit of a different cake.

Yeah, since my Sabrewulf cosmetics are sadly gone, but I still have him available as well as Orchid, who I purchased.

I guess I can always work up to them again.

Thank you for the help anyway and I think that’s everything. :+1: