How to: Play Killer Instinct without sight

Recently, as of the time of posting, I’ve had seveal questions thrown at me in confusion, frustration and curiosity as to how I play Killer Instinct without any vision whatsoever.

The answer isn’t a simple one, but can be broken down into a basic version: Sound cues, stereo headset/speakers, years of playing videogames in general and match up experience.

But, when you are asked, by myself, or by anyone else, to play a blindfold match, how is it best to work with that rather intimidating concept?

Well, here’s a few things to get you started:

  • Turn the music down to zero As good as Mick Gordon's soundtrack is, it's time to scale everything back. In order to "see" the action clearly without looking, your music needs to not be interfering with the rest of the audio design.
  • Get a stereo headset, the best one you have and plug it into your controller/tv. This is crucial, especially in a mirror match. To be able to tell what side you're on, where the attacks are coming from, or what side Shadow Jago is Sliding around to, stereo is a key component.
  • A blindfold. Sounds obvious, to say the least, but it's good to have something that you can wrap around your eyes to obscure the view of the match.
If anyone wants to train in a friendly environment and practice playing without vision (and probably get some tips), let me know.

I’d Like to see a video of this in action.

Are you blind? Or do you just do this for fun?

How do you navigate the menus?

I would love to play with you and meet you. Anytime. GT: Mr xFlutterShy.

I have no vision whatsoever - whilst this postis partially for fun, it’s also semi-educational. Perhaps we could arrange a set some time.

For those who want to see a video of this in action, this is very unlikely to happen simply due to the amount of work that would take. Not to say that it’s impossible, it isn’t planned though.

It was interesting to see @RGLOfficial and @m00nlightNinja reacting to the notion when they were told about my lack of sight :smiley:

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This reminds me of when Killer Instinct season 1 was being played at an MLG tournament and the stream suddenly went out for the commentators. They could tell what was happening simply by how the game sounded. It was pretty awesome.

Could you find a link for this? I’d be curious to see how good they were at coping with the unusual situation.

Also, @m00nlightNinja, why does it hurt your head? It shouldn’t be that hard to comprehend really…

Can we please play sometime?

I will be sure to try it first, so you dont have to train a complete idiot :slight_smile:

People with low or no vision aren’t helpless, you know. I know people who are completely blind and can navigate iOS better than some sighted people.

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I think it’s really cool that you’re bringing this to everyone’s attention.

Blindfold yourself and mess around in practice. It’ll all come together!

Thanks very much. I’m glad that people are accepting this rather than just shrugging it off as a ridiculous idea. Also, RGL’s right in that if you play around in practice mode you could get a good idea of how it would feel, without the danger of being obliterated :smiley:

Regardless of whether you train or not, I don’t intend to hold back against you regardless… :smiley:

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If anyone wants to record their reactions to playing blindfolded it might be good if we all share in the humour together…

That one where you lost? Part of me would like to see that… :smiley: I’m not laughing at you, but at your reaction when you realised how well the AI beat you…


I am also a blind fg player. I am mostly known in the NRS or MK community as I competed in Evo2013 and 2015. Just like you guys, I as a blind player have my own way of learning fighting games. I personally don’t like turning down the music in my fgs as I like to enjoy them. Not only that, but I also learn as much as I can about frame data based on what I follow with the top players. I have KI, but haven’t had proper training since in my area we focus more on MK and soon SFV. I do agree with the other points sightless made though. A set of either good stereo headphones or speakers help out to determine which side the characters are fighting.

I’ve been lurking in these forums searching for tutorials and I think I found them, so I decided to create and account. New user here.


I do like the music being on, just that you can see all the tiny details in the game without it. As good as it is, there are things you need to be able to see like footsteps, jumps etc which are hard to see with the music up.

Glad to see you on here.