How to make wireless connection better

Whenever my parents are using the internet,it always lags. In KI,I mess up my combo breakers(i know what double they are gonna do but lag freezes and i break the wrong thing since the linker is there). The router is in a different room so I can’t connect it. Also there is a lot of packet loss. People always come in the house and use the internet to download stuff. I ask them about this and they say no one downloads anything. However,I saw them download the"your PC is in danger. Download (insert program here) to clean it" virus. I tell them not to fall for it but they still do and say that they want their PC to be safe. Anyway I can make my connection better? Always a lot of lag.

Go to walmart or an electronic store and get a 20 ft or 50 ft Ethernet cable. Run it from you Xbox , across your house and into the cable modem. That easy… hard lined in…no WiFi…no lag…no problem.

Only issue is the black cord running across your floor… you can easily unplug it and roll it up when not playing online.

The cord at walmart is about 20$ give or take

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Thanks. Parents might complain but I will save up for it.

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I recently bought 2 CAT6 cables, each 100ft, from Amazon. They were roughly $10 a piece.

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If you want high-quality inexpensive cables,

100ft of CAT6 is $20, and gets really cheap from there as you get shorter ones.


Yeah. Like everyone else says, get an Ethernet cable. I’ve actually been able to play MKX with good connection because of it, so Imagine KI… :slight_smile:

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Now to convince them to allow me to have a long wire through the floor of the living room…Time to use my magic.

Disguise it as something cool, like a Snake. EDIT: (LOL Nevermind that’s a terrible idea) XD

it could actually cut down on the cable internet bill…if you go over the allotted data usage with WiFi it costs more…the wire will not use that extra data…use that as an excuse.