How to make a Bloody Roar Remake?

With Killer Instinct back, there must be a way to revive Bloody Roar.

A fresh story since Tylon made the zoanthropes.


  • All remember Animorphs? There are the Andalites & Yeerks. The antagonist - Visser-3. He can be the CEO of Tylon who explored Earh for millennia and learn of lycanthropia & zoanthropia. So he used science & mysticism in order to recreate these creatures - zoanthropes or zoans for short.
  • Taking place in the future 2100?

That includes bringing back old characters… but some need to go. That includes bringing new ones - from the sky & sea.

Any thoughts?

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Love Bloody Roar but I hope they reboot it without the non man-beasts like Xion the unborn and whatever her name was in 4 that was half-unborn. It was a great concept until… “Aliens”. I don’t know why they couldn’t have kept doing real animals instead of going wonky with aliens. Having Tylon create a Chimera was ok as it made sense plotwise and made for a legit boss character and in BR2 they even said doing that to Uriko screwed up her genetics so bad that now she can only half-morph. I think that was more of an excuse on their part to add a classic catgirl but eh. Either way it needs to be brought back with only true Man-beasts and not aliens or robots, etc.

Edit: Animorphs was a fun series of books but leave the aliens out of Bloody Roar, lol.

With Yugo as the game’s protagonist, how would you picture him following the same path as the others?

Ryu/Evil Ryu - consumed by the Satsui no Hadou
Jin/Devil Jin - consumed by the Devil Gene
Jago/Shadow Jago - consumed by Gargos’ corruption through Omen

Perhaps something evil can be connected to the zoanthropes.

I have new characters in mind…

  • Eagle
  • Shark
  • First human. I’m thinking of something like Grimm. A hunter who’s an inspiration of the Brothers Grimm & Van Helsing. He has a grudge towards zoanthropes. But eventually in the end, he changes his mind about them through Yugo’s actions in protecting him and his crew. He becomes the speaker for all good-hearted zoanthropes.
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This is like the 10+ Bloody Roar thread you’ve made while I’ve been on this forum. XD

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I feel nobody’s interesting in bringing back the series. Which sucks.

Plenty of people are interested. It just that they know that simply longing for something isn’t enough to bring it back.

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Cause konami sucks

So there’s no hope bringing this franchise back then.

But will we ever hope of getting a new fighting theme with a theme like that? I miss the theme of humans transforming into animals.