How to handle stages for the rest

The idea is to get everyone stages by reworking old ones using minimal resources and their theme
Rash: kan rahs stage but the portal is open and you can see 8bit pimple and zit watching from the portal
Raam: kan rahs stage but the portal is open covered in kryl
Mira: saberwulfs stage with the chair in the middle taken out, maybe some bats in the background
Eyedol: astral plane but instead of blue the ground is red and purple
Kilgore: fulgore stage just theme change

What if characters:
Eagle: thunders stage no changes
Joanna dark: orchid stage with her theme
Shadow orchid: orchid stage with a shadow filter.
These versions of the level can switched behween by pressing a button on the stage.

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I like this, this is very good. My only suggestion is to make RAAM’s stage a variation of Arbiter’s. I use it for him because they are both space alien guest characters. Or, maybe Sadira’s if you want a stage that fits him more visually.

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But RAAM and the locust aren’t aliens. They are subterranean dwellers. That is why Sadira’s stage would be a better fit for RAAM. Either that or Kim’s stage, since Gears mostly takes place in an urban setting.

Wait WHAT! Hold the phone! The villains in Gears of War are not aliens!?! I legitimately did not know this!


Not aliens, underground lizard men. They start thinking the underground sucks and are like “■■■■■ this top is ours now” and attack.

Not going to lie, I have no idea what’s possible here and what’s not. What I’d like to see:

Stage: Sabrewulf’s
Changes: Remove everything hanging from the ceiling and all lab related items (the generator, the table, the furnace) and replace the wall and stairway on the right side of the screen with more columns like the ones we see on the left side of the screen, so that it looks the same throughout, and we have a full view of a night sky.

Stage: Sadira’s
Changes: Remove all spider related imagery including the assassins in the upper left corner and all hanging items from the ceiling as well as the throne. Copy and paste more bones and skulls around the stage. Change the color of the sky coming through on the left side of the screen to a darker, more orangish color and relight the stage with more reddish hues.

Honestly, those are the only two that I’d really need. But if they wanted to do stuff for Raam and Rash, I actually like the idea of using Kan Ra’s stage for Rash and leaving the portal open, though it’d be nice if they could maybe change the blues to greens and maybe substitute some of the flying items with a few Rash related items.

For Raam, I’d say maybe use TJ’s stage, remove the gym related stuff and color it to make it have kind of a washed out, war torn look to it. I dunno. That’s a tough one. I’m sure that these are probably a bit more involved than OP was looking for, as these would likely be a bit more expensive than what he was suggesting. Still, I’d like to see them do as much as possible and if this is too much, that’s okay. So be it. Whatever they can handle, I’d be interested in seeing / using.

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Ok raam to sadiras stage and replace the spider with a corpser. Maybe some locust in the back.

And the game is set on earth?

Like a sub-earth. Basically they made their own version of Earth but didn’t call it Earth. Though it’s the exact same.

Eyedol should be reassigned to the Astral Plane. His theme just fits so well there! Hell, I think it fits better than Gargos’s

The easiest thing ever would just be a filter like the gold skins just change it to night or day depending on the character.

I hate to reference SFV again but kanzuki estate and waterfall stages succeeded at this.

For what it’s worth, I think stage variants is a great idea and definitely makes sense to do. Since I’m not developing the game I won’t claim to know how hard this is, but it should be easier than all new stages. They could call them stage “remixes.”

I agree that Sadira’s stage is better for Raam, although I would call him an alien. I think if they reskinned the spider to look like the giant spiders from Gears that would be fantastic.


Orchids stage at night could be pretty good for Raam as well. It’s a ruined suburban area. Instead of helicopters, they could put in the gears versions and those flying locust things lol.
Have searchlights on to keep the krill back aswell

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All I want is a home stage for every character on the select screen that gives that characters music by default. Just a stage color variant at the very least. Even those would be welcome for variety, even if there weren’t characters without one.

Heck, I’d even take the same stage twice on that screen with a different name, just so we can pick it or get it via random select and get some of the new characters’ themes we almost never hear, because in practice no one wants to manually select music.

A lot of us like to manually select other themes.
Our requests are what made that option for us this last season. I got tired of hearing the same theme on only each assigned character stage. It’s awesome to choose to hear village of whispers on astral plane or rise of the dragon on forbidden archive.

And if they ever add new stages it’s most important that you will still have that choice to keep it default as well

My Suggestion: Do those after Ultimates are all done.

@SirRadG Dude I have NO issue with selecting the music I want. lol

These sound like great ideas for remixing old stages, particularly I like the Raam on Orchid’s stage with Gears stuff in the background idea.

But there is one thing I have to say…if they somehow use Saberwulf’s stage for Mira:
A. It needs to be edited so that it looks like it’s underground.
B. They need to add in elements that make it look like it’s been lived in for centuries. I believe the original concept for Mira, which also was used as a theme for her music, was classic Russian art mixed with modern tech…kinda dance club like. So if they take out Wulf’s mad scientists stuff they need to replace it with this stuff.

I support this Idea. Thats sth a community found would be worthy.