How to get better at Killer instinct?

In my opinion I’m ok but today was the day I learned I know nothing. Like I’ve been playing ki a lot last summer on in off but I know no match ups I might know some match ups on the basic level but manuals, mix ups and other tech hurt me. It hard to learn because everyone I play are using the new characters of the month or like tj, jags, shago.

So my question is what is best way to train?
Where are detailed guides for every character detailing tech frame traps, and Mix ups? (For Match up Knowledge)
All General Advanced tech?
How to consistently manual?
How to get people to respect your frame advantage?
Lastly How to deal with rush down.

I know this is a lot but I don’t need everyone answer every question but the ones your best skilled in. I think this thread could help others to what might have some of these questions to. I thank you in advanced for for all your help, with talking the time to post you knowledge here.

Practice in the shadow lab so you dont get nervous or frustrated vs real human opponents.

Manuals are easy once you get it… the trick is you must be very quick to input the linker following the manual so as the manual is hitting, go ahead and be buffering the motion for your linker and “plink” the button for the linker immediately after the manual. Otherwise you will drop the combo.
Start by doing manuals after shadow linkers only, then once you have that down, do them after heavy linkers with light manuals, then move to mediums.

The rest all comes from playing and gaining experience, talking with people on here, reading every thread and learning from others.


Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!

No not spamming, but constantly practicing the same combo setups, block strings, etc., until you develop the muscle memory needed is essential to learning how KI works.

Also, try recording your losing matches online and do in depth studying on what mistakes you made and what to look out for.


thanks but for the most part i can do that but i occasionally drop the mediums though i’ll keep working on it.

how do i record it and where do i go to watch it?

You can either record via Game DVR or invest in a Elgato Game Capture. DVR recorded clips are available for watch on your Xbox Live Profile.

Just my way of going about things.

Spend hours in training mode. Play long sets with different people.

Youtube and the character specific sections of the forums (though the old S2 threads are long gone.) Also watching tournament matches is always good. The commentators and the twitch chat are usually breaking down and discussing what’s happening and why it’s happening.

Practice non-stop in training mode. Then go online and play manuals only. You will lose a lot at first and it’ll be frustrating constantly dropping combos but you’ll definitely get it after a while.

Hit them every time they try to press a button while you’re +.

Learn where the gaps are in the common pressure strings. Learn where you can and can’t press buttons. Learn what’s punishable.


So how to go about long sets because it’s rare that I find someone that better than me and is willing to stay. Cause exhibition is full of new people so I don’t think that would help.

There are several threads to ask for matches here in the forums. The GGs Thread for example.

I’m personally more of a “learn by doing” kind of guy. I don’t think spending long hours in training mode is the best way to learn things - go into the lab, get down the execution for what you want to be able to do (I say 10 times in a row without failing is sufficient), and then go play real matches against real people.

Depending on what you’re trying to train, there isn’t really a “best” way to go about it though. Training mode is good for building the basic fundamentals of a particular action or sequence, Ranked is great for building adaptability to myriad playstyles, and long sets are good for learning particular MU’s in-depth. And different people learn in different ways - some people avoid practice mode generally, and others are serious lab rats. Kind of depends on what works for you.

Infil’s guide does a decent job of laying out the general playstyles of the cast, but for something more in-depth you’ll probably need to connect with the mains for particular characters. Some of the cast members have pretty active sub-forums here on the site (Kan-Ra and Hisako), while for others you may need to look elsewhere. I think each sub-forum though probably has a character specialist or two you can talk shop with though - a lot of times those people are just waiting for someone to ask the questions.

Doesn’t exist to my knowledge, at least not in a comprehensive way. Some of the character sub-forums have some of this info though, particularly for good frame traps and mix-ups. I also believe someone from the forums was trying to detail out all the frame data for the entire cast in the game. That process is time-consuming though, so not sure where they are on it.

You probably need to be a bit more specific on what you’re looking for here. KI has a lot of “advanced” tech, and much of it has pretty unique applications across the cast even if it’s just based on a “simple” idea like resets or 50/50’s.

One of the few times where I do suggest just hitting the lab. Go into practice and work on a particular manual or string of manuals, and then once you’re able to hit it 7-10 times consistently without failing, go into Ranked or Exhibition and practice using them in real setting. There really isn’t too much substitute though for that initial training period in Practice - if you want to learn manuals that is probably where you’re going to do it.

By punching them in the face when they try to push buttons while you’re plus. In most cases, it’s actually quite preferable if some guy doesn’t want to accept the fact that you’re +3 and it’s not his turn yet - it’s a free counter hit into combo for you if he insists on doing stuff.

I believe that being able to shadow counter effectively is probably the most under-used and under-appreciated aspect of defense in this game. Proving that you can consistently shadow counter someone will force them to chill out a bit in their offense, and instead go for stuttered or more committal pressure, where they’re leaving gaps in their buttons or going for throws and such. Offense is crazy strong in this game, but effective use of shadow counters can make things a lot more manageable for you.

If you run into someone in Ranked (or Exhibition) whose play impresses you, just shoot them a message and say “GG’s. Would you mind running a set/FT5/FT10 with me?” In my experience, you’ll rarely have someone say no - even if they can’t at that moment, most of the time they’ll be up for it at some later point.

To start off with though, I’d be happy to play you - I make no promises that I’m better than you, but I’m sure it can be a learning experience :slight_smile: And as someone else said, the “GG’s Thread” is also a great place to organize sets with people who play a wide variety of characters.


You get better by losing and learning, never giving up. Rinse and repeat. Get mad and get even. You cannot be weak of mind as a fighting game player. The competition will break you down. Fighters aren’t for everyone. That’s for sure.


Exhibition is not full of “new people”. I run into top 32 players every night. I just fought @EddyKusanagi Thunder (1 rd win and went to bed on a high note. Lol). To be honest, I learn a lot about myself when I play against just about anybody in this game. If you play against a lesser player, you can try out some new stuff or things you’ve been working on and get away with it.


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As far as the OP - it’s really not magic. Besides not responding to advice you asked for with “I already know that,” I would just say keep practicing. If you have trouble with TJ find someone who plays TJ and get them to play you. If you don’t know how to counter a character, try learning to play as that character and see how people beat you.

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I know right? If you already know then why ask? I think the way I explain it is the best Ive seen explain on how to actually link the manual.

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I was trying to be a little more specific. If I came off rude and disregarding explanation then I apologize. I actually took you advice and practiced it. Thanks


I learned a lot from watching YouTube videos


What I found about the KI community is that, in some cases, highly skilled players will create threads that talk about tips and methods on how someone can get better at the game. However, these players don’t expect people to decide on whether to follow their tips or not. But feel that everyone needs to follow their tips.

This is only a small majority of people though, but I feel that you should think about avoiding them. Because if there is a tip or method you find that you disagree with, the folks who do agree with them will literally for a witch hunt just to prove your opinions on the matter wrong. Not only that, but if they offer to be your mentor and you decline their offer, they’ll actually start becoming harrassing and will even go as far as to make rude/hurtful accusations. If anything, I’d suggest looking up one of the very informative videos on YouTube or going onto one of the KI training websites.


Whaaaaat? Who is doing this? “Rude/Hurtful” accusations because they can’t mentor people? It’s a videogame. I hope you’re joking.