How to claim free Eagle on win10?

When I select him in game, he costs 5$ but it crashes anyway, and on windows store he also is not free.

I own Ultra Edition.

When I click “buy to own” on windows store, the screen showing money to pay quickly switches to prompt “seems you already own it”

When I check in game, he is unavailable, and when I select him, error occurs.

@developers can you address this anyhow? I am literally unable to acquire Eagle even if I wanted to pay for him, kinda absurd :open_mouth:

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I didn’t attempt to buy him but we should be getting him “soon”. I JUST WANT TO PLAY HIM AND HIS BIRD HONESTLY I’M MORE INTERESTED IN THE BIRD TO B QUITE FRANK. Not that Eagle is lacking or anything

@rukizzel @developers Can you please acknowledge this issue?

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