How no mercies would be made IF it were in season 3

If no mercies were in KI they would be similar to brutalities in MKX. You would have to do a specific requirements at the beginning of the round. For example.Tusk. his grab is a No Mercy. There would be a description in moves list that says : Do 5 five grabs in the match. The final hit in danger mode must be a grab to preform the no mercy. If you do the prerequisite in the match and you the no mercy in danger mode,the camera would zoom in. Tusk would suplex them into the ground like Zangief. Then Tusk would go into his victory Time Out pose. The shadow meter, health bar, instinct meter and the timer would disappear. Text would pop up at the top of the screen saying “NO MERCY” in the “ULTIMATE” font.

Lets think deeper. Not only that, there could be combo trait specific No mercies. For example, lets say Glacius. His combo trait is long range combos and enders. For instance, in the command list there would be a brief description on how to do it. For example Glacius needs to get 4 long range shatter enders to activate this no mercy. Then when your opponent is in danger mode, you do the specific move to trigger the no mercy. Glacius stabs the opponent three times, then the last stab turns the opponent into ice.

We can go even deeper. There could also be Instinct specific No Mercies. For Example, Cinder. One of his No mercies can be instinct only. The prerequisite can be land six burnout enders on your opponent, and if you land another in danger mode, cinder would incinerate the opponent. And all the special Fx would pop up and and such.

What do you think?


I would change the term into Ultimate instead of No-Mercy since No-Mercys are the MKish kinda thing, Ultimates are done as combos and can be used to flow into finishwers more smoothly.

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“Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate in this video game”

  • Rukari the forum gaurdian

I am pretty much aware of it. Which translates to me as: “There are NO Ultimates in KI there never has, and their never will be”

Which is unfortunate.