How Multi-Ultras and Humiliations Could Work Together

Most of us really hate mult-ultras, right? Unless we’re the one doing them, I reckon.


And some of us think it would be funny to bring humiliations back into the game, right? But how to do it while staying true to KI’s character?

Well. KI is a game that thrives on salt, right? Profile taunts, in-game taunting, the allowance of tea-bagging, the voiceover lines after stage finishers (“WRECKED!”), the existence of Shadow Jago.

So here’s the idea. Multiple ultras have to be linked by recaptures/transitional strings. What if, during that string, the loser had the chance to break. If successful, the humiliation occurs. The loser wouldn’t be given the chance to win–it would just rain salt on the multi-ultra offender’s parade. Here’s an idea for how this might go down. What do you guys and girls think?

  • First ultra hits
  • If first ultra is the only ultra, then there’s no chance for humiliation. The match just ends.
  • If the first ultra turns into a second ultra, then the loser can attempt to break the normal combo string that links the ultras together.
  • IMO, the break should be harder than a normal break. Maybe two successful breaks in the string are required, for example.
  • If successful, the humiliation triggers
  • Three sound effects accompany the break: the normal break explosive sound, a loud, comedic “boi-oi-oi-oing,” and a clown’s laughter (think Krusty the Klown)
  • The winner lands on their back
  • While trying to get up, salt rains from the sky, burying them under a mound of the stuff
  • The KI announcer says “HUMILIATED!” while trying to hold back laughter
  • Sad trombone plays, while the loser falls over, anyway

This amps up productive salt levels to a new degree. If the winner attempts a second ultra, it says to the loser “You can’t even break this, I’m so much better than you.” If the loser attempts to break, it gives them the chance to express to the showboating winner how much of a shitbag they think they are. Catharsis, I think they call it :slight_smile:

There are some problems about multiples ultras:

-Some Characters such Orchid/Jago/Fulgore don’t have (anymore) recapture links to do multi ultras, unless they got their full bar Instinct===> At least half health bar removed.
For those kind of characters, it will be hard to perform Humis.

Just do it simple, like KI1 (1st bar required) or do it like an ultimate.
That’s an opinion.

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KI does NOT thrive on salt. It can do just fine without it, and it’ll continue to do just fine without humiliations…