How much time did you spend on the forums?

I opened up my profile and decided to check out the stats. I spend way too much time on the forums. You can open your profile and go to summary to see yours. How much time did you guys spend here?


I like hanging around here, but I’m not all that active.

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Actually I do…it’s just funnier this way.


JoinedAug 14, '15

874 days visited

36d read time

1d recent read time

6.9k topics viewed

141.4k posts read

7.3k given

69 topics created

8.3k posts created

5.4k received

Remember I’m a newcomer.

But I like to read
I like to read about things I like
I like KI
I like to read about KI
I read the forums :yum:

…I have lots of free time



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859 days visited

12d read time

6h recent read time

6.5k topics viewed

75.3k posts read

265 given


10 topics created

818 posts created

953 received

some kinda passion for a few things yes

Lol. I have to admit my activity level is falling off. Since I’m three years older than when I made the profile in here that seems pretty natural. This is still the only place I am active in a community for gaming.


Too much lol

713 days visited

8d read time

6h recent read time

4.0k topics viewed

60.5k posts read

4.6k given


39 topics created

1.2k posts created

1.5k :heart: received

How is it possible we joined on the same day? That must be the site conversion date?

You guessed it.

Imagine if it had the data from the previous site? We would both look insane for how much time we have devoted to the KI forums…

I think I joined in January of 2015… it was just after Christmas ans Omen was the teaser trailer and eventual release on Feb 7th or something like that.

873 days visited

21d read time

8h recent read time

2.7k topics viewed

78.2k posts read

2.5k given

75 topics created

3.1k posts created

3.0k received

WOW. That’s a lot of time lol.

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Pretty much me in a nutshell

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Yikes, I’ve spent more time reading here than my entire college tenure.


Sorry for double posting, but this thread had me looking through ny profile a little more and, long story short, I found a user with some possibly unbelievable stats for this day and age. I don’t know how many more there are like this, but it seems awfully weird to me and I’m really curious as to why.
So @Shotgunlnsanity , if you’re still around, 0 posts in 257 days and 739 topics?? HOW?!? Teach me the ways of your patience!!

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