How many tournaments do we need to FUND?

I am just curious. Just how many tournaments will there be for Killer Instinct to be in?

I’m curious about this as well.


That’s 2 different questions.

There will always be KI tournaments as long as there are people willing to join it or watch it. As for which ones will be funded by us that’s a Microsoft question

As many as we can!

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The last KI Fund back in 2015, funded both offline and online tournaments, but back during that time their was no clear tournament structure. 2016 saw much more structure to the KI cup format, but there was no KI CF to go along with that/this current season. Seeing as the 2017 season of tournaments haven’t been announced, I think it is a pretty safe bet to say that there will be potentially A LOT of tournaments that will potentially get some type of pot bonus if the schedule is as aggressive as it was this past year.

For context, the 2016 run of online tournaments lasted for 8 months were there were bimonthly 8BB and KI Pro-Leagues (16 or 17 tournaments), on top of the big offline tournaments. If things in 2017 are like they were in 2016, there is the potential of between 20 and 30 official KI Cup sanctioned tournaments coming next year.

Will all those get money coming to them? Who knows…

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Get it trending on Twitter!

I’d guess how many they can, it’s a great way to go.

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The ones that are a MUST are Combo Breaker, CEO, EVO, Kombo Klashes and the KI World Cup. Everything other major or regional is meh.

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We still indirectly picking on about this whole Kilgore fundrasier thing? >_> this is getting tedious

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great more things to use our money on that adds nothing to the game

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Nope. It was just question. Basically, all the money that we put into this game by buying various characters, ultra editions and what not has been funding this stuff in the past. So I am just curious as to what the next set of goals are for this game.