How many " mains " most of you keep?

You focus on a single character or do you have a couple that you like to use? There’s some characters I haven’t played even at all I haven’t touched orbiter I haven’t played jago at all with the exception of the dojo…

In this order

  1. Riptor
  2. Glacius
  3. Sabrewulf
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Lately I don’t seem to have an order but it’s

Kim Wu

My win rate is the highest with riptor but it’s less skill than it is she fits my play style. I love Kim but I’m absolute garbage on multiplayer with her. Especially against Riptor.

A lot of the mains that people have are characters that I haven’t even really messed with yet . Glacius, Fulgor, Maya, jago/sjago. I’m thinking I might spend the next month or so getting to know glaciud actually


Don’t forget that Kim Wu’s nunchucks can reflect back projectiles into dragons. Really useful.

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I keep two and a half mains:

And a little Eyedol


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No particular order…

  1. Sadira
  2. Sadira
  3. Sadira


I do dabble though with Shin and Mira

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In fighting games in general, I usually have two mains, and a secondary or so.

go ahead and tell us.

a fellow member of the pack in my eyes.


My mains are Orchid and Aganos, but I like to play a little with every character, mostly General RAAM, Thunder, Mira, Sadira. But really I focus on the orchard.


Sadira/ Arbiter? :sweat_smile:

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Riptor, Fulgore, Sabrewulf, Cinder, Jago.

Hisako, Shago, Jago, Shinsako, and Kan-Ra soo not too much of a variety. Still exploring the others tho.

For Killer Instinct, sure is.

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Cinder, Rash, Thunder. There are plenty of other good ones I like to try and mess around with now and then.


So I picked up cinder a few times I’m not really sure how to play him. I haven’t really looked into him too much in your mind what does he excel at at least for you? Cinders probably at my top three I’m thinking about picking up and trying to learn I’m waiting for someone to give me an elevator pitch on why that’s a great idea

Have you checked out Infil’s guide? It should break Cinder down very well: Cinder: The Complete KI Guide

Yeah I’ve been reading it like a novel. I’m lucky I found it early…

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50-50 Kim Wu and Maya

Cinder is difficult to use because his tool kit isn’t as obvious in its uses as some of the other characters’ are, and you have to be more creative with his tools than most. Because of this, he has matchups he tends to struggle with more, and some he can utterly control.

If anything, he can be a rushdown, turn stealing, sneaky, wacky combo guy. He can also be a bit of a run and bait kind of character, where you think at a distance, there’s little he can do to hurt you, but then he surprises you on the approach, and you should question whether you should counter attack or maintain a block. He’s a character who requires creativity but his tools can reward it greatly.

However, there is a drawback. His damage output is VERY low. Raw combos and cashing out into damage enders won’t give you large amounts of damage (unlike most characters), but he can bypass this with his burnout abilities. When the opponent has the potential (white) damage on their health bar, Cinder has a bunch of ways of opening you, and cashing out quick for hard hitting, 1 chance break damage.

So really, Cinder…

Mind games, control, some rushdown ability, and the ability to bypass the usual lifebar mechanics for bigger damage at the cost of doing little off raw combos. Not a beginner friendly character, but rewards greatly when you master him. Absolutely is trashed by Gargos though. Gargos, Eagle, Eyedol, and Kilgore are possibly his worst opponents.

Seems like Cinder’s advantage is his incredible mobility. Those flame balls are pretty annoying too but you obviously would have to time it right.