How is Godlike difficulty right now?

I just beat SL on challenging and I wonder if Godlike is much harder.

Are rewards better?

Do dossiers drop more frequently?

Does it require less mimic/gargos beats to unlock given mimic skin?

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I’m currently playing Godlike and proceeding along quite fine – I can beat almost every match. However it’s really because I have a bunch of Killer guardians that are saving my butt at every turn. Fractured Ward and Tiger, in particular. Fractured Ward is simply incredible at all difficulties. Tiger is really helpful because the AI on Impossible missions block frikkkkin’ everything. Tiger + Orchid spamming her Ichi Ni San = AI stands no chance haha. Lots of blocked hits, which means Tiger’s meter goes up quicker. Two blocked MP Ichi Ni Sans in a row (i.e. 4 hits x 2) is guaranteed to break their blocking and start a combo.

But if you don’t have really good guardians it’s pretty tough going. AI blocks almost everything and combo breaks a LOT. On Impossible missions they have like 2X health and 2X damage. Shadow linkers are almost always combo broken so my in-combo shadow moves are reduced to openers or enders. But with all that said, with the guardians and some items and the right AI-based strategies I’m having no trouble winning fights. (And for reference, I’m just a mediocre KI player.)

Rewards are indeed better. You’ll get tons of those “Epic” materials (the purple-bordered ones, I think they’re called “Epic”). I have more Nanotech Clusters than I know what to do with. But no, it doesn’t seem that dossier drops are any more frequent.

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Thank you for info. I am asking because I have just learned that you dont get Gold and Platinum Gargos skins for beating SL respectively in Challenging and Godlike, but for getting all archive stuff which is impossible now due to a bug.

Yes, you need 90% and 100% of the dossiers for the 2 Gargos skins. The bug issue is one of the reasons why I would like the dossier drop rate easier, or expained. As it stands now, it is hard to know if you have a bug in SL or if the dossier is simply not dropping.

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It’s really easy… (as long as you have at least one killer guardian)
I have started at the 22th jan with normal, then again on normal and then one time on challenging and one time on godlike. (so i haven’t had tons of items, and the only money i have spend, was 99cent for sabrewulf, the achievements and so on)

But it seems that there aren’t much players; or they don’t know what they do, because i’m rank 47(n), 45© & 37(g). This was way too easy to reach since it was two times just the first run, without shadow worms…

Earnings are very well.
Unlocks are also fine… I miss 2 killer guardians after these complete 4 runs and my shadow-progress is at 60-61%. So… over 50% progress after 2-3 days is not bad.

Regarding to Gargos… He has killed only 1 of 3 characters on godlike,and only because he had the time to freak out with his imba combo [pressed LT instead of LB -.-]
He is easy as long as he hasn’t his buffs and time to react.

a important thing what one need to do is fighting mostly without automatic combat system (they will lose to much health, astrals and items on long term)