How does changing frame data work?

Just a random thought that popped into my head. Frame data shows how fast you can recover after a move compared to the opponennt. This is usually compared by how long the opponent is in recovery and how long you have to recover. Now Fulgore is getting some frame data nerfs. Medium laser is nerfed from -0 to -3 on block. Whether you agree or not is not the point here. My question is this. Does this mean the opponent recovers 3 frames faster on block or Fulgore recovers 3 frames slower? Or is it somewhere inbetween with Fulgore recovering 1 frame slower and the opponent 2 frames faster.

I’d imagine keeping them in certain poses for longer or adding new animation is what they do. But I’m just guessing


As it was only the block advantage changed for the crouching kicks I assume it was just a blockstun reduction. However with medium laser having an equal advantage decrease on both hit and blockstun and not really being super broken being able to heavy manual from it as an opener, I can’t see them specifically wanting to nerf this aspect of the move. Thus this seems likely to have had a recovery increase.

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Unless the patch notes specifically say they’re adding additional recovery to a move, then it usually means the opponent is getting out of block stun faster.

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Medium Laser is now -3 on block (was 0), +2 on hit (was +5) and has 3 additional frames of recovery on whiff

^ This means they made the move take 3 total frames longer (because it also applies on whiff), while keeping the block stun the same.

Crouching MK is now -2 on block (was 0)

^ This means they just took off the last 2 frames of block stun, so the opponent leaves block stun 2 frames faster.