How do you understand damage of single hit moves in practice mode attack data?

The Dojo mode gives an excellent tutorial on frame data, but how can you tell how much damage moves do outside of a combo? @TheKeits or anyone who already knows this

For instance Kan-Ra’s shadow clutch does 14%. But I only know that because it’s in a combo. In the attack data, how do read the Damage and Combo Damage?

How much damage does the normal LP clutch (the horizontal one) do?


So, it’s a little weird.

Every character in KI has 360 health on a life bar (Aria has 240 on hers split across 3 instead of 2). That number you see under damage is the “raw” damage number. Divide it by 360 and you will get the percentage. So 40.0 damage is about 11% (40/360). This is, for example, how we know how much Tusk’s powerful one-hit normals do. Back step (fwd+MP, he turns around and stabs you from behind) does 80.0 damage, which is around 22%.

“Damage” is the last physical strike you did to your opponent. “Combo damage” is the sum of all the damage values done in your current combo. So if you did a long combo that ended with a cr.HP manual, you could see how much damage that cr.HP manual did (look at Damage) and how much the whole combo did (look at Combo Damage). In your top image, you’ll notice that “Damage” for shadow clutch is 8.5 (ie, the last of the 5 hits) and the “Combo Damage” is 53.2 (ie, all 5 hits put together) which is 14.7%.

The second number in the Damage row is how much white life is being done to your opponent. You’ll notice it’s always 0 for your first hit in a combo (because first hits never do white life).

The percentage behind the number (in your bottom image, 40.0 (96%)) is supposed to be the damage scaling number. First hits should always do 200% of their base damage, while longer hits in a combo do less and less until the scaling is really low and hits barely hurt. Unfortunately I think this percentage number is broken pretty often so I wouldn’t trust it.


Well… TIL.


Ah! Thanks a ton! It is indeed weird. But at least it’s easy to comprehend with your breakdown. That’s interesting that they wouldn’t also have the raw damage of your last hit automatically converted to life bar percentages like they do for combos, but it is nice to see the damage of the last physical strike as well as the whole combo.

Was it mentioned somewhere that KI’s characters have 720 total health over 2 life bars (over 3 for Aria)?

I’ve asked Infil about this multiple times, and IMO, this is the best descrption he’s given thus far. :slight_smile:

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