How do you look at movies?

Recently I watched a lot of videos about flawed movies, some of which I really like. (Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Suicide Squad to name a few)

In these videos, movies get dissected in detail but I don’t think that a good way to look at them.

At least that’s not the way I look at movies! I don’t look at missed chances, plotlines/hints that lead to nothing or the making of the movie itself (changing directors, writers etc.)!

I mainly judge and criticise movies in two categories.
Are the CGI or the practical effects good (I actually prefer CGI when it’s done right).
Does the movie have certain style/theme? (like the red with The last Jedi or this green-purple comic style for Suicide Squad)
And the soundtrack!
I’m a sucker for movie and video game soundtracks, so good ones are a big plus in my book.

Is the movie fun to watch?
And finally, can I watch a movie again without getting bored?
I rather watch movies again that I like than watching one where I don’t know if I will enjoy them.

It’s not that I ignore the things certain movies did wrong, I just accept them.

Edit: “With my eyes” is not an option


With my eyes.


Same here.

I look to see if there’s good acting, great use of effects when being applied, a score to carry the film, strong themes and character development to make you relate the characters and their settings.

I think even people that don’t actively look for or follow stuff like character development and story structure and whatnot end up having it affect their opinion of the film without them noticing. People will walk out saying stuff like “OMG that was so awesome, the fight between x and x was amazing!” Without realizing the reason that fight was amazing was because they’ve become invested in the characters and outcome thanks to the writing.


Call me hipster or whatever, but I tend to watch movies that aren’t surrounded by a bunch of hype and I tend to enjoy what I digest so much more and watch lot of movies that have cult popularity rather than broader, mainstream appeal.

Honestly, this is not because I’m a film elitist or a snob or something, it’s because so many times people have said “have you seen x? It was amazing!” So I’ll watch it and I’ll be sitting there thinking “they honestly thought this was amazing? I mean it’s ok, but…” which is my honest opinion on Suicide Squad:- it’s a fun, incoherent mess that doesn’t really add anything ground breaking lore wise to the characters featured in it, but I still didn’t get why people were losing their minds over it.

I mean, I loved Jurassic World which was basically a ramped up, modern retelling of Park, with a fully functioning dino park on screen for the first time, but it offered just the right level of spectacle, some fun tweaks to the story and an entertaining enough cast to be a highly entertaining popcorn flick in my opinion, so it’s not like I hate mainstream movies, I just know I’m pretty much always let down by hype, I prefer to discover things in other ways.

And also, with my eyes.

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That is why I barely get hyped for anything.
Keep your expectations low and you won’t be (or at least less) disappointed.

Everyone has a different opinion and saying “This movie is amazing!” sets high expectations.
When I talk to someone about movies and I would be asked about my opinion I’d say “It’s good” “It’s ok” “I liked/didn’t like it” or “It’s different but not bad” I would try to not hype it up too much.
Because even tho you like a movie doesn’t mean someone else likes it too!

That pretty much sums it up.
The characters and the action are a lot of fun but first time watching the story was hard to follow
But I like the style and soundtrack of the movie and after watching Suicide Squad 3 (maybe 4) times I have no problem following the story anymore.

If you’re just talking about the hype from the general audience, I can agreed on that. I get weary these days to where I can’t trust the public to make critical examinations on movies they might’ve enjoyed far more than what else is actually far more better.