How do you connect to the Shadow Lab servers?

I’m trying to create a shadow for the shadow skins but I can’t get access to the Shadow Lab servers, it keeps saying failed to retrieve data, would you like to retry?

Are the Shadow Lab servers down or is there something that needs to be done to gain access to the servers? I’m on PC by the way.

Could be an internet connection issue, but I had a similar issue earlier.
Saying “No” when prompted for retrying seemed to do the trick, ironically. Worth a shot.
Though maybe resetting your modem or just restarting the game could be more expedient.

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Playing Shadow Lords:
-I tried to play a shadow mission
-“Fail connecting to the shadow lab servers, wanna retry?” No
-I went out of the war room
-It works!

You could try with something similar


I just reset my network, have my nat open, and am hardwired via ethernet. No packet loss have pinged multiple servers. cable line signal and modem signals are stable.

Still no dice after trying the above steps and reconfiguration. Im on the PC version maybe its a pc platform issue. Edit: forgot to mention, in shadow lords mode I can fight shadows, not just mimics, and gain shadow points, I just can’t seem to access shadow labs at all.

I can’t say I know exactly what is going on in your situation, but I know that every time I see that particular error message, instead of pressing “retry”, I press “no” and the system moves on to the next shadow.

I think what is going on is that when you go to load up some shadows in particular, those particular shadows fail to load, so in stead of “retrying” to load that same shadow, if you press “no” the system will move on to the next shadow in line and attempt to load that one.

This happens when people delete shadows off the servers, or the shadow is just old and hasn’t been played in a while (I assume). I see it sometimes when playing ‘Shadow Survival’, or when fighting a bounty match from another player after they have deleted the shadow who challenged my own.

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You’re right, when I’m not playin’ Shadow Lords, I’ll spend my time mostly in Shadow Labs and that retry refuse tricks works better than keep retrying, in Shadow Lords you have to re-enter the mission in order to make it work after cancel the retry downloading shadow data.

I’m at my wits end. Tried everything possible, even performed an uninstall and re-installed a fresh ki. Press no and all it does is kick me back to the main menu. I think my account may just be bugged or its a pc issue, who knows. Thankfully I dont care enough about costumes to blow a gasket.

In any event thank you all for the help and time in helping me troubleshoot. Really appreciate it, thanks

This is happening with me as well in Shadow Survival, but I’m on the Xbox One X. I played last night for a few hours without issues, then it started showing the prompt so I had to stop for the night. This morning, same issue after 1 successful match. In the past, hitting “No” would fix the issue, but not this time around. The game looks great on the new Xbox1X + 4K TV though :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if there was a ‘Back to Main Menu’ (start button) option here.