How do i pre-order for pc?


And i already got s1-s2 on xbox one will that cross over to pc ?

Yes, that will cross over. The store link is here:

Should be going live at 8am PDT.

Well, I was going to reply, but @rukizzel beat me to it.

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but it says free and not availble.

I want to pre order for pc for the bonus. I cant press the button.

Its not yet 8am PDT. Thats why no button.

so you cant pre-order for pc?

You can still get the pre-order bonuses, you just cant actually buy it until release. That’s what Ive been told anyway.

When the game goes live in your region/time zone (not sure how that’s decided) you will be able to purchase the game on PC. There isn’t a pre-order for PC, because the game launches today.

If you’re concerned about losing the preorder Gold bonus, they’ve stated that the preorder bonus will still be granted for those who buy the game today, but at some so-far-unspecified point in time the preorder Gold will either be reduced in amount or will go away. I don’t think we’ve had full confirmation of a date or the changed amount yet though.

The base game is free, to get the bonus stuff you have to buy it. If you want Season 3 you can order it here Season 3 This is for Xbox One but you can play on either PC or Xbox One.

Ah thanks that clarifies alot.

I’m assuming the $50 Supreme Edition is only available through the PC version and not on the Xbox Store?

its up in 1 hour right?


Correction. It starts to go up in an hour. They said the update would be rolling out, which means not everyone will get it immediately. I’d like to know how its going to work, too much to ask for a schedule or timeline of some sort?

Rolling servers are not a precise science, but we moved some things around, and it looks like the mandatory update should be going live in a few minutes.

Gotcha. Thanks for the input.

Do I need to do some restarting somewhere? Like restart my PC once it hits 2 AM here (8pm)

Just keep refreshing. Close the store. Reopen. It takes time to hit each server.

yeah it’s not up here in canada

just keeps saying it’s not available… though i can see it in the store and search for it

Its up in South America. You should have it soon?