How do I practice anti-airs effectively?

Hey guys, I really need some help here. It’s time to step up my game a bit because I’m sick of having more losses than wins in ranked. Out of the many aspects that desperately need improvement, I figured anti-airs are probably one of the most basic techniques and also don’t require a lot of execution skills (DPs aside).
I’m learning Hisako at the moment and her cr.HP seems pretty good to me. The thing is, in the heat of the battle I tend to get super nervous and forget that this move even exists. So I do high counter and get blown up by empty jumps into low or throw.
I could go into pratice mode and record some jump-ins but then the dummy does it over and over again which does not compare to the unpredictability of a real opponent.
Do you have any helpful advice for me?

You could always try cr.MP instead. That works too

If you see people jumping in you could do Hisako’s teleport. Could set you up for a punish.

This is one of the things I already do, but that backfires on me more often than not because her teleport is super slow. Can’t wait for the improved version in season 3.

@BHswordsman09 Oh cool didn’t know that, but again that doesn’t help with the fact that I forget to anti-air completely in the heat of the battle.

Well then you’re just going to have to stick with it until you can remember to use it in a real fight then. This kind of stuff takes time to get use to but you get there eventually.

That’s a bummer. Oh well, guess I should have started focusing on stuff like that two years ago :disappointed:

At some point I would record a minute or so of Jago walking back and forth, randomly alternating between jump-ins and medium wind kicks, and then I’d try to anti-air the jump-ins whilst trying to make sure I block most of the wind kicks. Forces you to practice presenting pre-emptive blocks and repositioning smartly (the wind kicks being unreactable) whilst looking for the jump-ins, so that your reactions are somewhat taxed by a somewhat realistic neutral task.

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Thanks, I will definitely give it a shot.

I would say to input the motion for AA even if it’s already too late. You will get hit and you’ll lose, but that way you’re forced to adapt and hitting the input, even late, puts it into your brain so it becomes natural after a while.

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Don’t bother trying to avoid jumpi-ins with Hisako teleport - too slow (by far) in S2 to avoid anything unless you’re inputting it much earlier than you would to just AA properly.

Down+HP is an “okay” anti-air, but is pretty slow and tends to get stuffed if the jump-in is remotely meaty or if you are late in your timing. Down+MK is faster, and probably the better AA option in most situations. For practice, I’d suggest two things:

  1. Do what @MonsieurDerp suggested, just to help build the muscle memory for AA’ing
  2. Go through a bunch of fights with your only goal being to AA all jump-ins. Winning or losing doesn’t matter, only that you are smacking them out of the air every time they jump. Have that be your focus, and don’t allow yourself to counter any jump-ins, whether it’s the right read or not. This will help build an expectation/habit that “down+button” is the appropriate response to jumping, not anything else. This will also give you a sense of the relative merits and limitations of Hisako’s AA buttons.

Best of luck!

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