How do I get these 2 secret achievements?

They’re the only 2 in the game I haven’t unlocked…

Threat Eliminated 10
You eliminated the Umbral Militia in Shadow Lords mode!

Top Percentage Guardian 15
You collected a Perfect Guardian in Shadow Lords Mode! Shiny!

That one I’m afraid you need to pray to RNGesus for.

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Not much to explain. When you get a guardian pack, the chances of you getting the perfect version of a guardian is purely luck based so it’s not something you just simply “get” if you know what I mean.

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It is easier than you think. Just save up and by the killer pack. That is it. Now if you want to make it harder, then keep buying the 3000 gem packs and hope for a killer guardian.

buy 'em

Oh that’s lame. An Achievo you have to LUCK into getting in packs?


But if you really want to know, both are RNG reliant. Play enough SL and both should come to you.
Though I hear that the Umbra Militia may be bugged. I could be remembering wrong

Now… not to be a moron… what is RNG?

Random number generator


Basically random