How do I find Kilgore and the other 3.5 songs on itunes?

I need help…Im trying to find the 3.5 sound track on Itunes and I cant find anything. No matter what I search. Anyone know the direct link? Id like to purchase it while Im thinking about it.

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I found them! I entered “Eagles theme” or Kilgore’s theme" and they came up. My bad! lol
It would be nice if they sold them in a bundle or with the entire catalog as well.

*** And luckily I have $3.90 left on my itunes account which was just enough to cover all 3 songs…oh yeah!

*** Man that was a serious chore to get all 32 songs into folders and onto my phone. I was missing Herald of gargos from my files for some reason and “The End” from Season 1. Got them all now!


Yeah, it’s weird becuase it’s not together as S1 and 2 are, but I can understand because it’s different musicians that made them.

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You know I used to be more of a MIck gordon fan but honestly, over time, my 2 favorite songs have ended up as Kilgore and Eyedol! Both by CD/AP!

Glad you found them - I’ve actually just been using Spotify these days, though I’ve bought the KI soundtracks and a few other albums on iTunes in the last few years.