How can I teach a friend how to play KI?

I have a friend who wants to play as Thunder. He has some basic expierience in SF4(using Ken). He can do quarter circles but can’t do DP motions. He doesn’t know how to cancel moves and starts to mash when he is losing. He doesn’t want to do the dojo mode because it is too “hard”. Any advice?

Have him play low level shadows in the shadow mode until he gets better and more comfortable and then wants to challenge himself. I would encourage him to stop mashing as it will only serve to hinder him. But you gotta make sure he’s still enjoying himself which is why having him do shadow mode may be a good trick for helping him get better but still enjoy the game.

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To do DP: simply press f,qcf+P. :wink:

Canceling is simply inputting your next move before the animation to the current move has completed…

Send your friend my way - I excel at teaching. :slight_smile:

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First thing he’ll need to do is stay calm and stop mashing. He’ll get locked out every time.
Take him into practice mode or exhibition and have him copy a few of your combos. Show him how and when to break combos.

I feel that if someone can do quarter circle they should have no trouble doing DP once they get a feel for it. It’s basically quarter circle down then quarter circle forward.
He’ll need to learn it if he wants to use Thunder.
Once he gets that down start jumping at him until he can anti-air you at will.

Thanks. First I should tell him to stay calm. ThenI should let him play shadows right? Then I should teach him how to anti air and learn the DP motion right. Combos come next. He really wants to learn the game so thanks everyone.

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Actually I’d teach him combos first. KI’s combo system is different than almost every other fighter out there in that it’s extremely simple to execute. In many games you need to really respect timing and memorize certain strings of buttons but in KI you just need to understand what moves do which and then you are pretty much free to combo whenever.

Teach him how the combo system works opener --> auto doubles -> linker -> auto double -> ender

The ender cashes out the combo damage and the opener enables you to start the combo system. Have him start with mediums or heavies and just practice a little doing the combos and cashing out big damage. He’ll be pretty easy to combo-break when he starts but at least he’ll understand how to get big damage and how simple the combo system can be at it’s core. I find new players in particular have their interest peaked when they can suddenly do a 20 hit combo for 50% damage.

Almost any other fighting game I would say go for practicing combos later, but the combo system is core to KI and should be learned early on.

Yea any time I’m showing someone how the game works this is the first thing I explain. So I have to agree with this.