How can i change my name on the Forums?

my gamertag is wrong
i tried it in the settings but im not able to change it

Go to your profile. See the tab that says “activity”? Click on it. There should be a list of options. Click on the “preferences” option. From their you’ll be taken to a list of profile change options. Go to the “name” section. Change your name. Go to “save changes”. SHAZAM!

weird i did that. my name is Hailfire Dragonborne yet when i post something the name people see is the irritated page18 one.

My apologies. That’s for your REAL NAME. you want to choose the “username” option.

its not clickable. like i drag my mouse over it and i get the capital I sign not the “hand” sign that lets me click stuff

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i can only change my ‘Name’, the thing i want to change is my ‘Username’. (shouldve said it in the title lol)

No that’s my mistake. Ok I’ll to figure this out with you.

Your username on the forums is the same as your XBL GT. No other way to change it.


aye!! much appreciated. i was changing my microsoft username instead of my xbox gamertag. this time it worked thancks