How are newcomers to the game liking it so far?

Now that KI is on pc i expect that a few people play this game for the first time.
How you guys like the game?
Are there things about the game that you really like and/or things that you dislike?
Like the variations in characters, music, graphics…?

Not sure if you mean newcomers to the franchise or newcomers to the game?

I played the old games a lot as a kid, KI1 at friends’ houses and I bought KI2 and played the crap out of it. Played both games in the arcade a few times too.

As for the new game, I love it. I jumped into the game button mashing and felt nostalgic. I’m gradually honing my skills now so there’s a rhythm to my mash. I love the roster and would love the game to continue after season 3, either as a sequel or new season, I’ll take either. But I would like them to complete the original roster before giving up on this game. We have everyone but Eyedol now, and I would be disappointed if he were given up on.

Hello. I am new. Game is fun but it lacks stuff like more stage ultimates, I was expecting more gruesome fatalites like mortal kombat has.

Yeah, I’m missing Ultimates as well. I suppose I can understand that they only had so much money, but at the same time I feel like Microsoft should have had more faith in KI and invested more into it. I think their investments would have been worthwhile.

Mortal kombat is rated M. KI is for every age. (they would like to keep it this way) I don’t mind.
I do miss and hope they will be added som kind of fatalities (no mercy’s) but it doesn’t have to be so gruesome like MK. :wink:

As much as I love MK, KI doesn’t have to be as gruesome.

Also, KI is still pretty mature considering the use of weapons, Killing, Stage Finishers and Blood. Just not MK level. So i’d love Ultimate/No Mercy Finishers even if they weren’t gruesome. Just be sure to make it look flashy and painful.

TJ Combo’s stage where you ultimate your opponent into the billboard is the only thing that looks painful and gruesome. Aria stage is meh… The ultimates just don’t look too punishing to be honest. Is this game not funded or something like MK? I think they should have given the title to netherealm xD

Believe it or not, not every fighting game should be like MK


I love it. Already getting hatemails.


Haven’t played any other game since it was released on PC, its given me something to obsess over for learning.

With that said, I’m still a pretty terrible Hisako but I don’t care, she fits my style so I’m learning her. Hearing the salt pour through the mic when people get hit with a vengeance and have no idea what to do makes my day.


This game is amazing. Its everything I hoped it would be except harder. Much harder.

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Welcome to HisakoLife™! Feel free to drop by the Hisako sub-forum with any questions you might have as you continue to learn :smiley:


coming from SFV this game is a goldlike upgrade! probably best fighting game i played. Variety and mindgames are insane from me right now. So much fun to learn and i did not even scratch the surface! suffice to say im loving it:) only gripe i have is we need more ppl to play the damn thing:)


Accesories are crap lol but the game is pretty good. Liking it :3 Only if there were more footage to watch/study…

Agreed, I don’t think it would have hurt the game but i’m fine without violence. Adding blood was enough.

But if they ever decide to crossover with MK, KI could still migrate to a more violent universe without worrying about tarnishing the franchise. It found a nice midddle ground… MK vs DC should have been more like this.

I fuuiing love it :smiley: , can’t stop playing

Sure the port needs some updates but so far is the best port for a fighting game I’ve seen at release

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I’ve already been reading your stuff, there is so much information in this game that I need to learn!

Sweet, thanks for taking the time to check it out! :slight_smile: Feel free to ask me about anything you find that you’d like clarification/expansion on (in that particular thread, of course) :smiley:

Just so you new players know…

Killer Instinct is ABSOLUTELY the most “digital” game ever.

This means it has hundreds of bugs, a ton of micro-transactions, and some incomplete features,

But it also means it is constantly updated, the devs love talking to us, there are multiple purchase paths, and The Forums are a much greater tool for community and news than you would usually expect from most games.

So if you are having some “week 1” issues, i assure you, they will be fixed soon, and there is TONS of stuff to look forward to other than just “playing the game”.


I love hisako <3 <3 <3

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