How about some new intro/outro dialogue and animations?

I think it’s pretty tiresome to hear characters say the exact same things every time they win or lose. I’m tired of hearing that I’m not worthy prey or that my path ends here or that Ultratech is getting flushed out.

I think there should be new winquotes and intro quotes for the characters now. This is something I was hoping for in Season 2 but it still has yet to happen. The characters should have more than one thing to say, and preferably recognize context. I don’t see how Orchid defeating her brother Jago brings her “one step closer to flushing out Ultratech”, if anything I think that’s counter-productive to that cause. Likewise I would think Maya would have more to say about defeating Kan-Ra than just that he’s not worthy prey.

Ideally there would be a pool of “general” winquotes/animations that are randomized each time a character wins, and some character-specific winquotes as well.

Come on guys, let’s get the characters saying different things. How about it?


Agreed, especially the part about Orchid defeating Jago and that helping her get one step closer to flushing out Ultratech. I think it’d be nice for each character have a friend character intro/win, a foe character intro/win, and a neutral character intro/win response. I’m even with keeping the poses exactly the same, just change the lip movement animations to have them say something different.

I could give some examples, but I’m sure they’re pretty self-explanatory and the idea really speaks for itself. Good call here, Josh. I agree 100% with ya.

Awesome idea. Above all I’m in now

Oh I can picture the stuff Glacius would say to Cinder after beating him.

a fine sugestion good sir

I like the idea but wouldn’t that require the season one VAs to return. How will that work if they’re bought by Amazon?

The S1 VAs aren’t permanent employees of Double Helix. All professional voice actors are freelance. They don’t keep voice actors on a permanent payroll throughout game development.

The only exception is Mike (the S1 announcer), who works in other capacities at DH and just happens to have a good voice to lend. I can’t believe you think voice actors are kept as permanent staff in any game studio. That’s like saying Keanu Reeves can only ever appear in Warner Bros. movies.

Geez, sorry I didn’t know :expressionless:

I’m sure when they got time they can make these. I can understand the desire with new stuff but I think IG will mostly focus on developing new content in the like for now. However I agree. It would be nice to get more diverse stuff.

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I think it’s critical tbh. This is one aspect of the fighting game genre that still hasn’t been standardized. MK has done it incredibly well, and it feels like a HUGE step backwards when fighting games (like KI) continue to recycle the same intro/outros. A little detail really goes a long way.

I know in terms of development it’s not JUST a little detail lmao Nothing ever is that simple, but it really would go a long way.

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Omg they are all in need of updated win sequences. Hipow about at least a choice between the time out poses or the recycled instinct activation

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