How about a voice distortion for Mimic/Shadow skins?

How about a voice distortion for Mimic and now Shadow skins? It would add a touch of character to the skins.

I have edited some clips to make my suggestion come to life. I have no idea how to attach a video into this post. So here’s a direct link.

What do you all think? :slight_smile:


It would help make the Mimic/Shadow skins more interesting.

For that matter the eyes should be a solid color that glows as well green/purple to make them feel more alien instead of like looking as though they went to a football game and got body painted.


Mimics should have a growl effect, and Shadows should have some electronic interference. I would have liked to see the Shadow skins have some electrical distortion instead of smoke too.

Although that sounds just as cool but I’d prefer a simple echo like the one in the video. It shouldn’t be anything major. Like the time we got them to change the color of riptor’s blood, it was simple enough to change/implement.

I think the growl for Mimic costumes would make me not want to use them. We already have characters that growl x)

But shadows are basically canon. Ultratech has a database full of them and they have been recently corrupted by the mimics. I see why you would want that digital interference for the shadow skins.

I’d be fine with the echo distortion for both mimics and shadows :stuck_out_tongue:

Issue is, sometimes voice files glitch in game. This echo sounds too much like that if I’m honest. I like the idea of having custom audio but I don’t they can do it due to engine limitations, I asked about Arby’s energy sword sounding dddifferent depending on costume but they said they couldn’t apparently make that happen.

How about new costumes that arent a lame smoky palet swap?

HOW ABOUT make the shadow mimics look impressive by upgrading them with Omen’s VFX on their body? Dont came with that hollow excuse to say that mutilple vfx character would break the game cause you can thow a dozens of Omens on a single stage with wont do anything for xbox. Lets fundraise it. Take my money ig and give’em real shadow skins.

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that would be super cool!

Yes to both,please

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Thought I could leave my own take here…

What can you say about it, folks? :slight_smile:


Nice, I think they should also bleed purple or green regardless of who they are (I’m looking at you spinal)


Wow… That actually made the skin feel cooler

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