Hope the 'hackers' wont ruin our christmas holiday of gaming

I hear there’s gonna be an other attack on xbox live and psn by hackers the week between Christmas and new year.
Hope not, this kinda sucks.
A question; are hackers satisfied by ruin Christmas for a lot of children or what is it about?

They’ve been doing it successfully every year for the last couple of years, doubt this year will be any different. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even try playing online during Christmas.

It’s about money. They are looking for a payout from MS or Sony to get them to stop. Anything else they say is just BS.

Don’t the hackers have anything better to do?, I mean they’ve got a life don’t they?

Hacking PSN and XBL servers during Christmas clearly shows that they don’t…



Didn’t expect to get a reply like that, lol.


Don’t worry about that and cops will caught them!

It’s not like they are actively doing anything. They buy a botnet and set it to attack sony/microsoft servers. That’s about it. Very minimal effort. That’s why DDOS’s are so hated. It’s very minimal effort for a huge reward.

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