Homes for the homeless characters

I’m loving season 3 a lot, the game just keeps getting better with each update. However, there was something very off about running into Mira in survival. She came out to jago’s theme and stage and it felt all kinds of wrong. Here are my suggestion for the homeless character situation. First, have their theme play by default when you fight them in survival mode, I think it would help a lot for sake of immersion.

For Mira, I was thinking the alchemist lab would be more fitting and her theme should blend nicely. If ig wants to go the extra mile, re light Maya stage with the night time treatment like omen and shago.

For Rash, TJ stage looks like a perfect fit with the character and theme. Rash intro is so cool that it could work on any stage but khan ra’s theme does not mesh well when fighting him.

For Gargos, Khan Ra’s stage with the portal open, should give this battle all the epicness it needs

For any future guest that may appear, Riptor’s stage seems geared for war with all it’s mayhem and should make the perfect home. Any thoughts or suggestions?


I agree with you. The characters who don’t have stages of their own in survival mode should get placed in the best-fitting stage with their theme playing by default.


I’m glad I’m not the only who feels proper placement for the stageless characters could be better. At the very least having their themes play by default would surely help


how very subtle…


I think Rash would fit best on Riptor’s stage personally. Mira definitely on Sabrewulf’s. Gargos would work on Kan-Ra’s. Or they could just make the stage random for all of these characters. Not connected to any specific one, just have their music in there.

I don’t think Rash would fit on TJ’s. Too much TJ marketing everywhere.


did not think about all the Tj related stuff going on in the background, I agree, riptor stage would work much better

Rash could share a stage with Riptor
Mira with Sabrewulf
Gargos with Omen and Shadow Jago

No one`s stage fits for Rash. It has to be something surrealistic, like from Battletoads games.

Agreed. I supppose Proper stages would be wishful thinking. perhaps the alternate color/re-lighting mix and match would be less resource intensive. It’s definitely a solid idea.

but if you had to pick one of the stages in game, surely khan ra’s wouldn’t be the first that spring to mind right?

I also think they should have a pic of an arena behind the hero art in the ladders, instead of just the solid purple. Would stand out less.

From off the top of my head I would probably pick maya stage for rash.

Jungle vibe works fine for a frog. Especially his poison dart colors