When you make a Killer Tusk stop playing the last half of the round because you’ve frustrated him. #HisakoLife

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Don’t you mean #HisakoDeath?

Cause… shes already dead…
I’ll show myself out.

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Hisako is alive in our hearts.

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I just realized I broke trademark for @STORM179. Please don’t sue me. I’m drinking and rising up Gold.

Beating a Killer Shadow Jago two games in a row because MINDGAMES #HisakoLife

Huh? What now? :open_mouth:

Who knows… I was drinking last night. Probably something to do with HisakoLife™

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Lol. Yeah, dunno why you thought of me…I’ve never said anything remotely along that line. The trademark is all yours :joy:

It was you quoting @Marbledecker

See told you I was drunk.

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When you know that they know that you want to throw them, and you’re wrathless, so you Cr.HP - LP Flipout - Grab them anyway. #HisakoLife